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Better Results at Debt Collection with Call Center Studio

For law firms, communication with customers is crucial to their business because of the sensitivity of the issues discussed.

24x Better Sales Performance at Volvo

Learn more about how Volvo and Call Center Studio came together to build the most efficient sales lead tracking solution in the most challenging automotive industry.

Outsourcing during COVID-19 with Call Center Studio

The call center outsourcing industry is a challenging and volatile one. BPO companies operating in such a context need a call center solution that fits their unique needs.

eBay Subsidiary – Cloud Migration & Salesforce Integration

The unresponsiveness of the vendor and the partner network, coupled with the out-of-date call center system, formulated many problems.

Major Home and Appliances

A multinational home and professional appliances manufacturing company had an incoming traffic of requests on installation.

Fashion e-Commerce Portal

The customer was concerned about the budget needed to increase their Service Levels, as more agents were required to face the intense traffic on the call center.

Multinational Flower Delivery Portal

A leader in flower delivery services, which is operating actively in several countries, needed a global number masking solution to be deployed in these countries.

Regional Leader in the E-commerce Industry

Despite expanding their call center team, they were stuggling to handle all the customer inquiries due to sudden increase in shoping volume.

The World’s Third Biggest University

During high demand periods such as registration, exam & enrollment periods, the university failed to provide adequate service for students.

Multinational Chain of Fast Food Restaurants

Leader in the multi-chain fast-food industry, with a goal to take and deliver orders faster than the competition, even when the order volume is at the peak.