How Call Center Studio Supports the Automotive Industry

Automotive dealers and manufacturers need to communicate with customers. We provide them with a call center that is as fast and efficient as a top-of-the-line vehicle.

This allows agents to guide customers in purchasing or renting a car. Make the customer feel cared for and listened to, and you’ll build loyalty and trust.

Speed up your growth with our powerful solutions. With so many
customizable options, you'll always be in the driver's seat.

Automotive Companies Who Work With Call Center Studio

Save Interview Results

Keep a record in your CRM of what each customer is looking for during the car buying process. Delight them by listening and offering an option that fits their needs.

Ready To See How Call Center Studio
Can Elevate Your Call Center?

Integrated CRM

Make your call center work with your CRM. Agents can see all client information at a glance, making follow-ups easy.

Live Chat and WhatsApp Integration

When your customers need help, let them reach you right away.
They can connect with an agent on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and web chat.

Don't Miss Your Customers Who Come To Get Information On Your Website

Call Center Studio will record customers who come to your website and share their info with you. You can add them to an automatic call list and interact with them at any time.

Here are the features
CallCenterStudio has to offer
Predictive Dialing
With powerful predictive dialing, you can reach more customers and organize appointments. It will adjust its own speed according to the call response speed of your agents.
Call Recording
Keep organized records of every call your agents make. Listen to phone calls and identify coaching opportunities.
Multi-Channel Communication
Help your customers via many channels, all on one screen. Offer your customers seamless support, no matter what channel they are using.
A High Service Level
Our infrastructure is redundant and scalable. That means you'll always be able to show up for your customers.
IVR Dialer
Set up satisfaction surveys, informative announcements and more for your students. With IVR, these systems work 24/7 without any need for an agent.
Performance Management
These easy to use tools make managing your team a breeze. Track performance and see what needs adjusting, in real time.

Call Center Studio Success Stories

Success Story

24x Better Sales Performance at Volvo with Call Center Studio

24x Better Sales Performance at
Volvo with Call Center Studio

Did you know that it takes on average only 1 hour for a potential automobile buyer to go cold? In a digital world, prospects reach companies centrally through their website, forms, emails, but the automative world depends on local dealers who can showcase the products physically to its customers.

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