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Increase the chance of gaining possible customers and current customer satisfaction via CHAT.

Call Center Studio Web Chat provides services to quickly meet customer demands by reaching out to the website immediately and decreasing call center operation workload.

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CCS Chat

Offer services to your customers on chat channels.

You can provide support for your customer’s questions about a product or service instantly via chat channel. Call Center Studio Web Chat enables your customers to reach out to you directly on your website. This decreases your call center operation workload and also increases your chance of gaining potential customers. You can increase customer satisfaction by building better relationships with your customer by offering a service to instantly meet customer demands.


ICR (Interactive Chat Response) Scenarios

Create your chat scenarios with Call Center Studio. You can route your customers to buttons with Web Chat when they need to get information or service. You can determine sub-headings such as sales, support, cargo tracking and order and route the customers to the most suitable option based on their selections. Thus, incoming chats are routed to customer representatives based on their competencies. You can solve customer queries fast and increase your operation efficiency with ICR scenario integrations. Be with your customers for their questions and demands when they view your website with Call Center Studio Web Chat.

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Customized Customer and Brand Experience

With Call Center Studio’s Web Chat, you can offer easy-to-access call center services to your customer and increase satisfaction. You can send automatic welcome messages and closing messages to customers who have reached you and at the same time, you can send these messages with the customer’s name registered to the number. You can answer customer demands 24/7 without a customer representative, with the use of self-service. You can make your customer reach you easier and be accessible for them outside of office hours.

Multiple Chat

With Call Center Studio Web Chat, you can communicate with multiple customers simultaneously. Your call center operation customer representative can offer voice service to one customer simultaneously. But customer representatives in the chat channels can talk to multiple customers simultaneously and handle their operations. Thus, you can solve customers’ queries faster and increase your customer experience. You can decrease your operation workload with self-service solutions.

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Search Reports


Chat record details with your customers are stored on Call Center Studio. You can instantly view the written texts and details of the customer representative and access past chat reports. You can see the active chats with a live monitoring screen, create past chat performance reports and assess these chats. You can monitor your customer representative’s chat performance and provide feedback with Call Center Studio Quality Assessment Forms.

Chat Management from Different Platforms

You can answer messages from all written channels on a single screen with Web Chat, WhatsApp Business and Facebook Integrations. With chat flows, you can route the chats based on customer representative competencies and channels and report all channels on their own. You can view statistics about written channels at the end of the reporting and measure efficiency.