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Easy Way to Communicate and Engage with Your Customers

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CCS Customer Experience Software Call Center Studio
Launch & Login
Launch your browser (Call Center Studio recommends using Google Chrome), enter your username and password and login to the system.
Make & Receive Calls
That’s it! Now you are ready to make and receive calls and reply to chats as an agent.
Manage All Channels

You can manage all your messages and calls on a single screen.

Integrate Your CRM

You can integrate your contact center system with numerous third party software can be easily integrated to your CRM software with open APIs.

Advanced Reporting & Quality Control

You can easily track and improve your monitoring, evaluation and agent performance processes.

Customize Reporting

You can create tailored reports that provide insights into the performance of the call center operations with Google Data Studio.

Performance Tracking

The full set of intermediary metrics are available in a dashboard which gives supervisors and agents a real-time view of their performance.

Work with the Leader In Contact Center And Contact Center Operations Software

Call Center Studio enables you to have a cloud contact center with no other investment other than a computer connected to the internet and a headset. Call Center Studio further carries this ease of access to the software itself which you will be using daily.

Call Center Studio is a leader in Contact Center Operations on G2
Call Center Studio is the right address for fast solutions and process integrations! Their unmatched support & consultation helped us get the latest technologies and strategies for a call center.
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Customer Service Supervisor

Call Center Studio’s innovative and solution-oriented approach, technology, and experienced team are the basis of our successful projects. This adaptation & dynamism makes our work very comfortable.
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R&D Manager

Call Center Studio showed us what a true partnership means during the pandemic. Their proactive, friendly, and customer-oriented approach helped us navigate these unprecedented times.
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Account Director

Features That Benefit
Your Business

No matter what industry or sector your business is based in, our smart inbound call center features will give you an advantage.

Ecommerce business owners love our agentless cargo tracking and order status tracking through the IVR. With personalized customer service announcements for different buyer segments, you can make your customers feel special every time they contact you.

BPO business owners enjoy how easy it is to manage multiple companies in a single operations. Assign agents to different accounts, while managing multi-location operations and inbound call flows.

Isometric illustration of a group of people working on computers in an outbound call center.