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Call Center Studio enables you to have a cloud contact center with no other investment other than a computer connected to the internet and a headset. Call Center Studio further carries this ease of access to the software itself which you will be using daily.

Call Center Studio is a leader in Contact Center Operations on G2

Launch & Login

Launch your browser (Call Center Studio recommends using Google Chrome), enter your username and password and login to the system.

You will be greeted by the main menu, and from there you can reach the agent interface by clicking on the agent button.

Test & Calibrate

When you first enter the agent interface, you will see this window which lets you see your voice input and output settings. Here you can adjust your volume level, and see which headset and microphone configurations you are using.

You can also test both your microphone and sound output so that any errors or faults can be detected before you actually talk to a customer.

Make & Receive Calls

That’s it! Now you are ready to make and receive calls and reply to chats as an agent. You can choose your status at the top, get information on the operation and your colleagues or activate apps on the tabs below.

You can also use the two call lines that are provided to each agent to get your friends help you during a tough conversation, or turn the call into a conference with all three of you!

Call Center Studio is the right address for fast solutions and process integrations! Their unmatched support & consultation helped us get the latest technologies and strategies for a call center.


Customer Service Supervisor

Call Center Studio’s innovative and solution-oriented approach, technology, and experienced team are the basis of our successful projects. This adaptation & dynamism makes our work very comfortable.


R&D Manager

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Features That Benefit
Your Business

No matter what industry or sector your business is based in, our smart inbound call center features will give you an advantage.

Ecommerce business owners love our agentless cargo tracking and order status tracking through the IVR. With personalized customer service announcements for different buyer segments, you can make your customers feel special every time they contact you.

BPO business owners enjoy how easy it is to manage multiple companies in a single operations. Assign agents to different accounts, while managing multi-location operations and inbound call flows.