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Integrate the CRM Software easily with Call Center Studio to call centers for better customer experience!

The CRM Software with Call Center Studio offers improving the quality for a customer by easily integration and effective applications.

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Integrate Your CRM Software with Call Center Studio

With Call Center Studio's easy-to-integrate technical infrastructure, you can integrate your CRM software to your call center and take your customer experience to a whole new level!

Ready-Made Integrations

An integrated Contact Center software and CRM software offer better customer experiences to your customers which makes working easier for your customer representatives. Call Center Studio can work with your CRM software on a single screen with easy-to-integrate technical infrastructure. While your CRM software integrated with Call Center Studio improves your operational data, it also enables your representatives to be customer-oriented. Representatives who know your customers and their tendencies in your sales and aftersales support operations can meet the demands and requests in line with your workflow.

Integrate your cloud contact center to your CRM software, make your customers feel special! Integrate your existing CRM software to your call center with Call Center Studio’s easy-to-integrate technical infrastructure and take your customer experience to the next level.

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Customized CRM Integration

Call Center Studio technology that works with the most preferred CRM software in the operations is integrated to various companies such as Zoho CRM, Zendesk, Salesforce. With already integrated CRM software, Call Center Studio provides both time and cost efficiency in the installation processes. The integration is completed easily without any additional cost or workload. Your customer representatives can manage the calls on a single screen only by using CRM software.

Flexible Integration Ability

Call Center Studio that is integrated with numerous third party software can be easily integrated to your CRM software with ready-made APIs. With APIs that will enable you to use different properties such as Click to Call, Screen Pop-up, your sales team can monitor your customers and tendencies and your representatives can easily manage multiple calls. You can increase your sales activities while offering ease-of-use in your operations.

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Effective Representative Experience

Your call center operation agents can meet customer demands more easily by using multiple applications. The representatives who help customers using different applications might lose time in transition between applications during the call and this might have a negative effect on call quality. Call Center Studio offers an end-to-end integration infrastructure with API or Web Service, which helps you to meet operational needs and improve customer experience.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Working on different screens in your call center operations causes team efficiency to decrease. Integrate your cloud contact center with your CRM application and enable your operation and customer representatives to work on a single screen. Decrease the errors by decreasing the need to work on different screens. Make more effective calls with your customers with the ease of working on a single screen.

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