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Satisfaction Surveys

Gather the feedback from customers and measure the quality of service!

Collecting feedback ensures increasing customer satisfaction by measuring, reporting and analyzing the customer needs.

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CCS Satisfaction Surveys
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Collect Feedback

Increasing customer satisfaction starts by understanding your customers. Call Center Studio allows you to generate satisfaction surveys that enable you to directly collect feedback.

You can apply a survey with an automatic outgoing call after the incoming call is completed or the call is ended.

The customers can press the buttons for the question and the results can be turned into a report. With these reports, you can improve your operation, measure service quality, and increase satisfaction by analyzing customer demands and expectations.

Measure Service Quality

When the incoming call is completed, the customer representatives can transfer the customers to a satisfaction survey after customer approval.

When you don’t want the representatives to collect approval, you can call your customers with automatic calls after the call is terminated, send survey questions with announcements, and ask them to push buttons to answer the questions.

You can easily access satisfaction survey results and reports and measure the service quality you provide to your customers.

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Report Survey Data

You can collect customer answers to satisfaction surveys as scores or by voice, you can access different survey reports and analyze these.

You can also use the suitable parameters you need for surveys and reports and regularly monitor your service quality with reports created at the end of the surveys.

Customer Analysis

You can learn more about customer expectations with satisfaction surveys created with Call Center Studio, as well as identify customer needs and demands by their own explanations and experiences and, improve your operations based on these expectations and offer more effective products or services.

Analyze your customers’ satisfaction with surveys and take your brand and service quality to the next level.

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Increase Your Representative Performances

As a result of your satisfaction surveys, you can identify the needs of the customer representatives, support their development for better services or organize training for the customer representatives.

You can monitor development by analyzing training and satisfaction survey results. While you can increase customer satisfaction with satisfaction surveys, you can also contribute to improving your operations.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

You can measure the product and service quality you offer to your customers with satisfaction surveys.

At the end of satisfaction surveys, you will create with Call Center Studio, you can make improvements by considering customer demands and expectations.

You can create different surveys and obtain new experiences related to different topics. You can increase your satisfaction levels by making improvements in your operations for customer expectations and demands.

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