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Call Recording

Use call recording technology to increase your team’s communication skills and achieve customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is the key to running a successful business. High-quality call recording software that allows you to assess your customer service representative's communication skills ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction.

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In our modern and corporate world, effective communication is critical to success. Call recording can help you to coach your employees to acquire better communication skills, allowing you to lead your company more efficiently and to prioritize customer satisfaction

You can also use call recording software to reduce your company's liabilities, and to use the data you acquire from previous calls to help prepare for future scenarios. Call Center Studio's call recording software allows you to create a more efficient call center. Our high-quality solutions help you upgrade your communication strategy and support you to give your customers what they need.

How to Set Up Call Recording for Your Business?

Typically, the process of establishing a call center takes several days. But, if you currently have a working call center, implementing call recording software can be much simpler. There is no hardware or installation cost for Call Center Studio's software. After you complete the purchase, our team will quickly install the call recording system.

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Call Recording Software Features

Call recording software comes with various benefits that will help you run the most optimal call center.

A steady call center: Unexpected events can always happen. Nevertheless, a successful business should know how to handle them professionally. Fortunately, CCS's built infrastructure allows you to provide services in any situation.

Fast installation: CCS autodialer offers easy installation and doesn't require any hardware.

Smart call routing: Thanks to the advanced algorithm, you can pair your customers with the most suitable representative.

Cost-efficient: Our telephone dialer system helps you efficiently expand your customer base for a reasonable price. Furthermore, we use pay-as-you-go pricing, so you can profit from our services without committing to anything.

Easy Access

Call Center Studio offers you easy access to your data. With options to filter by date, representative, queue or tag you can manage, evaluate, and listen to the recordings with a few button presses. Plus, you can save the recordings to any device that you want.

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High Security

We encrypt your data and store it in cloud servers with high security. Nobody can access the recordings without your permission, including Call Center Studio.

High Compatibility

Call Center Studio's call recording software is highly compatible with other business applications. You can access the records through your CRM software as long as it's integrated with Call Center Studio. If you're looking for a specific recording, you can sort the database by date or call reason.

Backup on Local Servers

The call recording software also allows you to back up your data on local servers, the transfer is done with FTP, and your permission is always required.

Search Reports
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Customized Authorization

Voice recordings are perfect for customer representatives to assess and improve their skills. Our software allows you the option to grant your employees access to their own phone call recordings. This way, customer representatives can use this data to develop and improve their conversational skills.

Assess the Recordings

Call center managers or quality teams can also use voice recordings to assess the performance of customer representatives and assessment results can then be shared with the representative. Representatives can also access the recordings and assessment findings if given authorization.

FAQ About Workforce Management System

Call recording software is a system to record incoming and outgoing calls. There are many uses for call recording software; you can use the recorded data for safety, training, or marketing purposes. Due to such versatility, most businesses prefer recording software.

here are many reasons for a business to use call recording; some of them are:

  • Call recording reduces the company’s and personnel’s liability in case of a customer dispute.
  • Recordings could be utilised in training new employees. 
  • Recordings can help with coaching staff to improve their communication skills.
  • Since call centers follow specific scenarios, call recordings might help understand customer behavior better, improving future scripts.

In most countries, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, it is legal for the participants of a phone call to record the conversation. However, various countries or states have different regulations.

Yes. All your call recordings are end-to-end encrypted and securely stored by Call Center Studio. Nobody, including our company, can reach your data without your permission.