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Thanks to Call Center Studio's technology infrastructure, you can implement the most suitable call center solution for you.

You can produce faster solutions and improve the customer experience with IVR, ACD, TTS, SR and Bot. You can increase call center efficiency by using quality and survey tools. Call Center Studio uses WebRTC and VoIP technologies. Thanks to its flexible APIs, it allows integration with other tools you use.

CRM Integration

In addition to existing CRM integrations, Call Center Studio also offers you the flexibility to integrate with your own CRM infrastructure. With CRM integrations, you can use contact and call management, transfer of AloTech reports to your CRM system, one-touch dialing, opening contact cards for calls. In addition, it offers the opportunity to automate many of your processes with ready-made APIs.

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Call Management

You can use many features such as customized IVR for incoming call management, queue-based routing, text-to-speech, automatic call distribution, forwarding to the preferred representative, VIP customer service in Call Center Studio. In this way, you can increase the loyalty of your customers to your company and your service quality.

Outgoing Call Management
And Dialer

With Predictive and IVR Dialer features, you can automatically make campaign, sales, collection and survey calls and increase your productivity. With Call Center Studio, which can be integrated with CRM systems, you can view customer information before the call and update the information after the call.

Online Payment With
Virtual POS

Thanks to the Iyzico integration provided by Call Center Studio, you can offer your customers the opportunity to pay quickly and securely. With the virtual pos, the privilege of paying over the phone not only accelerates the sales processes, but also increases your reliability. In particular, you can benefit from these benefits of our technology in order to speed up the sales processes and demonstrate your competence.

Written Communication

With Call Center Studio Web Chat, Whatsapp Chat, Telegram Chat and Facebook Chat, you can make it easier for your customers to reach you through written channels. You can use interactive chat distribution and chat routing menus in chat. In addition, your customer representatives can meet more than one chat at the same time and allow you to produce quick solutions for your customers.

You can access the details of all chats made by customer representatives from the chat reports screen on the platform.

To Manage All Your Customers With
Engagement From Her Call Center Studio

Call Recording
Listening to phone calls, identify coaching opportunities.
Multi-Channel Communication
To meet the demands of your customers over all communication channels in one screen and view your reports in all channels in a continuous manner.
A High Service Level
Redundant and scalable infrastructure to reach a high level of Service.
WhatsApp Business Integration
More than 1.5 billion active users in more than 180 countries with WhatsApp feature WhatsApp enterprise solutions for business offering with the integration of your business, your customers get the channels they want.
IVR Dialer
Satisfaction surveys,informational announcements, and efficient customer searches for your campaigns without a representative.
Performance Management
Keep track of the performance of field sales teams
Special occasions, seasonal, such as support outsourcing needs-sourced software to manage their billing and customer representative Call Center Studio with flexibility to increase or decrease.
VIP Customer Hotline
Manage your customers with VIP code or a phone number or segmentasyion with the web service.
Multi-Location Management
Gather your operations at different locations under one roof. For each define separate numbers on one screen, you can edit scenarios.
FCT Cloud
Use it as your software call center integrated with GSM lines.
Opportunity Tracking
Analyze the data on the phone is engaged in sales operations
Advanced Analytics
Customized reports, dashboard and wallboard call centre development at all points identify your options.

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Cloud Migration & Salesforce Integration

eBay Subsidiary - Cloud Migration & Salesforce Integration

The call center outsourcing industry is a challenging and volatile one. BPO companies operating in such a context need a call center solution that fits their unique needs & demands.

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Regional Leader In The E-Commerce Industry

Regional Leader In The
E-Commerce Industry

A leader in e-commerce industry was challenged to manage their traffic during Black Friday. Despite expanding their call center team, they were stuggling to handle all the customer inquiries due to sudden increase in shoping volume.

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