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Provide support to your customers via SMS, one of the most frequently preferred messaging channels. Manage your written communication channels on a single screen.

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An AI chatbot uses AI techniques to simulate human conversation to interact with users through messaging applications, websites or mobile apps.

What is an SMS Channel for Businesses?

Utilizing SMS as a communication channel, businesses, especially for customer service, employ Short Message Service (SMS) to facilitate direct interactions between the company and its customers. Through SMS, companies can efficiently send messages straight to their customers' mobile phones.

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Elevating CX as a High Performer

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Easily Manage All SMS Requests!

Activate the SMS channel within Call Center Studio's cloud-based contact center to view customer SMS requests, initiate conversations, organize inquiries, and manage everything from one screen.

Advantages of the SMS Channel for Businesses

Fast Communication and Resolution


Multi-Request Fulfillment Capability

Accessibility in Messaging Channels


Feedback and

High Open and Read Rates

Meet Multiple SMS Requests on a Single Screen!

With our cloud contact center system, you can manage multiple SMS requests simultaneously on a single screen. Agents can easily sort incoming SMS messages and respond quickly.This optimizes time management for your operations team and can increase your efficiency.

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Create Custom Template Messages!

You can create customizable template messages tailored to your needs. Thus, you can strengthen your communication with welcome messages or quickly respond to frequently asked questions to increase customer satisfaction. Customizable templates allow you to establish consistent communications that suit your brand’s tone. 

Track Your SMS Performance with Real-Time Reporting!

Call Center Studio also offers you the ability to monitor your SMS performance in real-time. Advanced reporting features allow you to conduct detailed analyses of sent and received messages. It helps you enhance the quality of your service.

How It Works?

Determining the Provider

Creating the SMS Profile

Setting Up Incoming SMS

Creating the Chat Widget

Setting Up Outgoing SMS

You are ready now!