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How Call Center Studio Supports
the Real Estate Industry

Cold calling is an important strategy realtors use to gain more clients. Many real estate agents have discovered how effective it can be to outsource this task to a call center.

Call Center Studio gives you a powerful CRM-integrated call center that operates 24/7. Your call center agents can handle all inbound and outbound calls.


CRM Integration

Our call center software integrates with your CRM. This means that agents will be able to see customer information as they talk to them. This improves service and makes each customer feel special.

Ready To See How Call Center Studio
Can Elevate Your Contact Center?

Try our free demo of inbound call center solutions.

Online Payment
With Virtual POS

Give your customers a fast and secure payment option. With integrations to payment gateways, they can make payments over the phone.

Virtual Pos
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Number Of
Flexible Employees

Bring together thousands of users and real estate agents via a single channel. Cover several different locations with one cloud communication platform.

Searches And Reports

Create automatic searches for the information you want. Follow calls live on the supervisor screen and track details in real time.

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Representative Portfolios

Make sure the customer speaks with the agent they talked to last. Create portfolios with dedicated agents and increase your service qualities.

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Here are the features
Call Center Studio has to offer

Call Recording

Keep organized records of every call your agents make. Listen to phone calls and identify coaching opportunities.

Multi-Channel Communication

Help your customers via many channels, all on one screen. Offer your clients seamless support, no matter what channel they are using.

A High Service Level

Our infrastructure is redundant and scalable. That means you'll always be able to show up for your students.

WhatsApp Business Integration

Integrate with WhatsApp and offer your customers chat support. With more than 1.5 billion active users in more than 180 countries, it's a powerful way to connect.

IVR Dialer

Set up satisfaction surveys, informative announcements and more for your customers. With IVR, they work 24/7 without any need for an agent.

Performance Management

These easy to use tools make managing your team a breeze. Track performance and see what needs adjusting, in real time.


Extra help when you need it for the business times in your business. Increase or decrease your support system with software that adjusts to your needs.

VIP Customer Hotline

Provide premium support to your most valued clientele. Offer your customers a VIP code or phone number to access VIP customer service.

Multi-Location Management

Include operations in any country on the platform. With Inhouse and Outsource, thousands of agents can work on a single channel at the same time. Provide services at any desired location and make outsourcing easy.

FCT Cloud

With Fixed-Cellular-Terminal technology, you can use many phone numbers when calling your customers. This powerful software increases your pickup rates, without any bulky machines.

Opportunity Tracking

Agents can use the built-in sales lead tracking feature to tag potential opportunities. Follow-up with hot leads or sort into categories.

Advanced Analytics

Create customized reports to view your most important KPIs. View all the info on a beautiful and convenient dashboard.