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Transfer your e-mail box to Call Center Studio to make your work easier. Respond to customer requests via Call Center Studio with email integration.

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What is an E-Mail Channel for Businesses?

An "E-Mail Channel" for businesses refers to the use of email as a dedicated communication and support channel. Businesses often use email to handle customer inquiries, complaints, and support requests. It allows for detailed, recordable, and trackable communications.

Manage Complex Email Traffic Easily

With your email channel integrated into the Call Center Studio cloud contact center system, you can easily manage customer requests coming through email on a single screen. You can handle all email receiving and sending processes through Call Center Studio’s clean interface.

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Improve Your Email Operations for an Effective Customer Communication!

On Call Center Studio screens, you can view your emails in the E-Mail section, create new emails, and ensure their delivery. You can easily view incoming email correspondence on the same screen and respond with either your own messages or template messages.

Advantages of the E-mail Channel for Businesses

Easy Request Management

Central Control Opportunity

Multi-Request Fulfillment Opportunity

Accessibility in Written Com. Channels

Create Custom Template Messages, Respond Quickly!

With Call Center Studio, you can create email template messages tailored to your needs. You can increase your response speed to requests received via email with message templates easily created from Call Center Studio screens. Reduce the workload of your operations team and increase the efficiency.

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Elevating CX as a High Performer

How It Works?

System Admin Login

New Email Account

Account Info Entry

Configuration Settings

Email Details and Saving

Chat Widget Settings

Analyze Your Email Performance with Advanced Reporting!

You can track your email performance in real time. With advanced reporting features, you can access incoming email requests, past records, customer information, and real-time data related to your entire email operation.

How it Works?

System Administrator Login

Log into the System Administrator panel and open the "Email" tab.

New Email Account

Click the "New" button to access the new email account addition screen.

Account Information Entry

In the "Account Information" menu, enter your "Nickname" and "Account ID" information.

Configuration Settings

Define your email address and Application password in the "Configuration" menu.

Email Details and Saving

Confirm the information in the "Email Details" menu, perform a "Test", and press the "Save" button.

Chat Widget Settings

As System Administrator, in the "Chat Widgets" menu, select "Email" as the Widget Type and define your created profile.

Incoming Chats Selection

As System Administrator, in the "Incoming Chats" menu, select your Chat Widget that includes the defined email profile.