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How Call Center Studio Supports
the Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare sector, patient relations are key. Patients must be able to reach out to health professionals whenever they need care. Responding immediately over any channel helps you establish trust and build your brand.

You can rely on Call Center Studio to help you provide
the support you need to your patients.


Live Chat and
WhatsApp Integration

When your patients need care, let them reach you right away.
They can connect with an agent on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and web chat.

Ready To See How Call Center Studio
Can Elevate Your Contact Center?

Try our free demo of inbound call center solutions.

Self-Service Access
IVR Features

Patients want quick answers to questions about scheduling, billing, hours and more. Create an Interactive Voice Response system to provide answers at the press of a button.

Virtual Pos

Virtual Pos

Offer your patients the convenience of secure virtual payment options. Make service calls and payments through a single interface.

Track Performance
In Real Time

The reporting center allows you to access your data and keep an eye on metrics in real time. Improve the quality of your calls with these smart insights.

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To Manage All Your Customers With
Engagement From Her Call Center Studio

Intelligent Routing

Route incoming calls to the best possible agent. Our sophisticated AI system takes into account several factors for seamless service.

Call Recording

Keep organized records of every call your agents make. Listen to phone calls and identify coaching opportunities.

Real-Time Reporting

Make smart adjustments based on real data. Improve your important KPIs and efficiency will skyrocket.

A High Service Level

Our infrastructure is redundant and scalable. That means you'll always be able to show up for your patients.

High Security

Security is a high priority. Your call center data will always be safe with us.

Business Intelligence

See the big picture. Gain valuable insights about your business with comprehensive reports.

IVR Dialer

Set up satisfaction surveys, informative announcements and more for your patients. With IVR, these systems work 24/7 without any need for an agent.

Credit Card Integration

Make payments even easier for your patients. With smart credit card integration, they can pay in seconds.

Quality Assessment Form

Want to see how your team is doing? We've created a fast and powerful way to measure the performance of your agents.

Personalized Welcome

Set up custom greetings based on your patient's CRM card information.

Read Text in Other Languages

Call Center Studio supports over 40 different languages. Give uninterrupted service with instant translation.

Missed Call Management

Automatically upload your missed calls to the dialer system and create automated workflows for missed calls.