Use Case

Black Friday




Chatbot with Google Dialogflow

Regional Leader in the
e-commerce Industry

A leader in e-commerce industry was challenged to manage their traffic during Black Friday. Despite expanding their call center team, they were stuggling to handle all the customer inquiries due to sudden increase in shoping volume. As a solution, CCS designed a Chatbot using Google’s Dialogflow to automatically handle repetitive requests.

60% increase in efficiency

Agents handle fewer redundant queries while focusing on those that require critical and human interaction

42% increase in order tracking efficiency

Better online tracking of customer orders

AI-Synchronized voice & chat functionality

Dialogflow unified customer engagement through chatbot and inbound calls

Experiencing high traffic during Black Friday, a regional e-commerce leader couldn’t deal with the sudden change in shopping volume. Increasing the number of representatives alone was insufficient to handle all customer queries, with agents left overwhelmed. Call Center Studio delivered a tailored solution that eased the process of customer service delivery.

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