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Solve the problems via various channels by WhatsApp Business with Call Center Studio!

WhatsApp Business offers being accessible for customers 24/7 if it is integrated with Call Center Studio. WhatsApp Integration also provides multiple chats at the same time and chat on different channels.

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Be Accessible on WhatsApp with Call Center Studio

In this changing world, customers want to reach call centers via written channels. With Call Center Studio, you can use voice and written channels together in your call center and create solutions for your customers on different channels. Integrate WhatsApp Business provided by WhatsApp with more than 1.5 billion users which offers corporate solutions to your business to offer services from different channels. All you need to do to use WhatsApp Business Integration is to apply for a verified account and share the information with Call Center Studio!

Advanced Chat Welcoming Menus

With Call Center Studio WhatsApp Integration, you can create flows for incoming chats just like the voice response system (IVR) you have created for calls. With chat flow, you can route the incoming chats from your customers to your customer representative based on their competencies.

You can route the customers to suitable teams or different departments such as sales, support and accounting and offer data such as cargo tracking and inventory 24/7 without needing to connect to customer representatives.

You can make your customer reach you easier and be accessible for them outside office hours.

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Customized Customer and Brand Experience

With Call Center Studio’s WhatsApp Business Integration, you can offer easy-to-access call center services to your customers and increase satisfaction.

You can send automatic welcome and closing messages to customers who have contacted you and at the same time, you can send these messages and address the customer directly with their registered name.

You can answer customer demands 24/7 without a customer representative with self-service. You can allow your customer to reach you easier and be accessible for them outside office hours.

Multiple Chat

With Call Center Studio’s WhatsApp Business integration, you can communicate with multiple customers simultaneously. Your call center operation customer representative can offer voice service to one customer at a time. But customer representatives in the chat channels can talk to multiple customers simultaneously and handle their concerns. Thus, you can get back to customer demands faster and increase your customer experience, whilst also decreasing your operation workload with self-service solutions.

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Chat record details with your customers are stored on Call Center Studio. You can instantly view the written texts and details of the customer representative and access past chat reports.

You can see the active chats with a live monitoring screen, create past chat performance reports and assess these chats.

You can also monitor your customer representative’s chat performance and provide feedback with Call Center Studio Quality Assessment Forms.

Chat on Different Platforms

You can answer messages from all written channels on a single screen with Facebook, Web Chat and WhatsApp Business Integrations. With chat flows, you can route the chats based on customer representative competencies and channels and report all channels on their own. You can view statistics about written channels at the end of the reporting and measure efficiency.

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