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Home | Customer Experience Software | Monitoring & Reporting

Monitoring & Reporting

With powerful monitoring and reporting features, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of how your company is performing at all times.

Our reporting, quality evaluation and satisfaction surveys make it easy to measure the quality of the service you provide. Make improvements, train your agents and better serve your customers.

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Monitoring & Reporting

Keep your finger on the pulse of how your company is performing at all times. Our quality evaluation and satisfaction surveys make it easy to measure performance.

Make improvements, train your agents and better serve your customers. - Analyze data from audio recordings and take action.

Access all instant and historical reports with a click.
And so much more!

Real Time Dashboards

Watch operations in real time on your Dashboard and Wallboard.
See details such as service level, interval table, missed calls, waiting calls and more.

Whisper to Agents

Send a message to help an agent while they are in a call, without the caller experiencing any disruption.

Live Call Listening

While agents are talking to customers, the supervisor can listen to the call. This allows for real-time assessment of call quality.

Status Change

Supervisors can check the number and duration of all incoming and outgoing calls. Track the status of an agent to help them maximize their time.

Instant Messages

Send call information, messages or links from within the dashboard.

Customize Your Dashboard

See the key stats that are important for your industry. Drag and drop to create your own custom report.

Campaign Tracking

Get call details in the form of instant summary reports, so you can track campaigns.

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Historical Dashboards

Check back on old data to look at trends and improve performance. All reports get filed and you can filter and search them at any time. Preview or download reports as Excel spreadsheets for easy viewing and sharing.

Measure Performance

Find out at what time your agents entered the system, what time they left, how many calls they answered and more. Identify areas of improvement with one click.

Instant Reporting

No need to wait for the reports to reflect in the system. When you log in, you'll see all data up to that point.

Complete Records

You'll have a full record of the past, with all historical reports at hand. Compare your performance throughout the years and gain valuable insights.

Custom Filters

Check reports from any date in the past. Search by agent or relevant queue campaign.

Special Reports

Access specific information, such as credit card reports with lyzico. See the information you want to know about.

API Integratable Reports

Import your data into your CRM and ERP systems to create your own reports and graphs. Transfer data to reporting tools such as Data Studio.

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Quality Management

Want to know how you're doing? Ask your customers. After all, their opinions are the ones that matter.

We make it easy to get feedback from your customers with powerful customer surveys. The voice response system provides surveys to customers with incoming or outgoing calls.

At the end of the day, it's all about your customers. Learn what makes them happy, so you can better serve their needs.

Evaluating Quality

Agents can transfer customers to a survey after their call. Compare survey results with other reports to see chances to improve.

Survey Reporting

Design custom reports with the parameters you want to know about. Keep a close eye on your service quality.

Analyzing The Customer

Use the info you gather from your surveys to better understand the needs of your customer. The more you know, the more you can improve your service and products.

Improving Agent Performance

See areas where you can train and improve the skills and knowledge of your agents. Incorporate this insight into agent training.

Performance Evaluations

Supervisors can complete quality evaluation forms with custom fields you create. Then, agents can view their rating and access the recording of the evaluated call on the same screen.

Evaluation Objection Process

If an agent objects to their evaluation, they can raise a concern. A notification gets sent to the evaluating user and the process begins.

Call Records & Analysis

Take voice recordings of incoming and outgoing calls and listen whenever you want. It's easier than ever with our convenient call recording features.

Audio File Transfer

Download a single audio recording of any specific call. It's a helpful and quick way to check up on mistakes and customer complaints.

Access Audio Recordings Via CRM

Integrate your call records with your CRM. Access recordings of any specific call in an instant with a link under the contact record.

Keep Records on Local Servers

Store your call recordings on your own server, where you'll always have access to them.

Improving Evaluation

Listen to the call recordings to learn more about how agents interact with customers. This data is essential for training your team and helping them perform better.

Self-Assessment for Agents

Agents have access to their own call recordings. So, they can listen and learn and improve themselves.

Speech to Text Analysis

Thanks to the integration with Sestek, you can convert any voice call to text. This allows for another convenient way to check the quality of your calls.

Sentiment Analysis

Use the power of AI to measure analyze the sentiments within the calls. It's a powerful way to measure how your customers are feeling.

Speech Recognition Technology

Provide easy-to-use self-service solutions for your customers. Customers can access what they need with voice commands without waiting.

Custom Wallboards

Every call center is different. Customize your dashboard with the data that is most important to you. See the information you need at a glance and create custom reports.

Track the Metrics That Matter

Follow the performance of customer representatives, track special permissions or see call status. Keep your eye on the details so you can see how your team is doing.

Instant Update

See the data you've chosen to display update in real time. This allows you to intervene and follow up whenever you need to.

Holidays & Team Motivation

Motivate your team by making them feel appreciated. View birthdays, employee of the month announcements and more. Publish images and texts on special days, such as Mother's Day, Women's Day, Valentine's Day, etc.

Critical Situation Alerts

Detect peak hours of calls during the day and receive alerts when traffic is high, so you can manage your team. Follow up instantly with live monitoring screens.

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