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Why Choose Call Center Studio

Seamlessly Scaling Innovation
While Keeping It Simple.

There are many reasons why Call Center Studio is favored by leading BPOs and businesses of all sizes. We offer a cutting-edge, AI powered, cloud-based solutions that empowers businesses to elevate their customer service experience.

From Monoliths to Microservices: A Contact Center Revolution

Transitioning from complex, server-dependent systems (Gen 1: 2000-2010) to early cloud-based solutions with minimal software innovation (Gen 2: 2010-2015), the contact center industry evolved with public clouds and microservices for modular, easier management (Gen 3). The latest generation (Gen 4), epitomized by Amazon Connect and Call Center Studio, fully embraces native cloud services for enhanced scalability, simplicity, and rapid integration, supported by advanced cloud technology use (e.g., Call Center Studio's utilization of 49 Google Cloud services) to achieve superior functionality and financial performance, including leading gross margins.

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What Makes Call Center Studio Unique?

Not to brag but, we have lots of customers migrating from other call center solutions to Call Center Studio. Here are some of the major pain points customers experienced with their previous call center solutions and how we aided them. In other words, the backstage of our astonishing churn rate of merely 1%.

But, don't take our word for it!
Here is what customers say!

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Call Center Studio offers you an AI powered omnichannel contact center software and you can enable your customers to experience communication from multiple channels on a single platform, without paying additional fees for each channel you want to reach.
Call Center Studio’s voice architecture leverages Google Cloud Platform for global scalability, high-quality calls, and cost efficiency. It uniquely minimizes latency through elastic load balancing, avoiding the fixed server costs and redundancy of traditional solutions.

Call Center Studio enables rapid integrations within days using its microservices, APIs, and serverless framework, complemented by accessible no-code/low-code options for seamless external application connectivity.

Call Center Studio streamlines routing by using skill-based assignments instead of complex scoring, starting with preferred agents and expanding as needed, simplifying the process and avoiding proficiency routing’s challenges.

Call Center Studio enhances reporting with targeted, insightful analyses and a cloud-native approach that streams data directly to Google’s BigQuery, ensuring real-time, unified data views. This simplifies analytics, improves accuracy, and cuts costs by avoiding complex data reconstruction.
Call Center Studio simplifies management by natively integrating tenant and sub-tenant structures, enhancing report access and administration. Unlike others that need Excel for report sorting, it enables direct report viewing for each sub-tenant.

Call Center Studio’s native multichannel capabilities streamline agent configuration, routing, and reporting by handling all interactions through unified microservices, avoiding the complexity and limitations of competitors’ bolt-on solutions.

Call Center Studio’s CX Pilot uses generative AI selectively for efficiency, answering simple queries like an IVR and escalating to AI only when necessary. This approach optimizes speed, accuracy, and cost, embodying the principle: use a database when possible, generative AI when essential.

Elevating CX as a High Performer