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There are many reasons why Call Center Studio is favored by leading BPOs and businesses of all sizes. Learn more about how our product outruns its competitors and how it will put you ahead of yours.

What Makes Call Center Studio Unique?

Not to brag but, we have lots of customers migrating from other call center solutions to Call Center Studio. Here are some of the major pain points customers experienced with their previous call center solutions and how we aided them. In other words, the backstage of our astonishing churn rate of merely 1%.

No binding commitments

We want our customers to stay with us because they love us (and our service)—not out of obligation. And, looking at our churn rate, it’s safe to say we’re doing a good job at it.

No license renewal costs

Whether on-prem or CCaaS, many solutions out there ask for annual renewal fees. We, on the other hand, only like to make sure you were fond of us during the year—no renewal fees.

Supreme tech support

We know how even a few minutes of downtime can affect your business, so, we offer a dedicated support team that you wouldn’t be able to tell apart from your in-house team.


At Call Center Studio, we don’t have pages of individually priced features and tools for you to pick from. Instead, we offer them all in one robust CCaaS packed with everything you need.

No hidden costs

At Call Center Studio, we value honesty. We discuss every aspect upfront and ensure not only cost-efficiency but also no hidden costs, silly fees, or upgrade requirements.


Call Center Studio’s infrastructure and pay-as-you-go model provides you with utmost scalability. That means you can upsize and downsize 10 times your operation in no time.

Industry-based know-how

At Call Center Studio, we cultivate a sharing culture. Thus, unlike many other on-prems and CCaaS, we empower our customers with industry-specific know-how and best practices.

Expert project team

Tired of customizations and projects that take months to complete? Say hello to Call Center Studio’s expert project teams that will assist you with whatever you need, when you need them.

Better workforce management

Who needs complex reporting and monitoring tools or dashboards when you can streamline workforce management and enhance agent experience in real-time with Call Center Studio!

Easy onboarding

The best cloud call center solutions should be easy to use and even easier to learn. That’s why Call Center Studio has a UX-friendly interface that streamlines agent onboarding.

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Call Center Studio vs. On-Prems

When comparing cloud and on-prem solutions, cloud call center solutions definitely have more to offer. And when we’re talking about Call Center Studio vs. on-prem solutions, that’s just a whole beautiful world waiting for you to discover.

No bulky hardware

Call Center Studio only requires a headphone, a computer, and minimum bandwidth. No heavy deployments to take up your space or weigh down your wallet.

No maintenance fee

Unlike on-prems, Call Center Studio doesn’t require maintenance fees or hardware upgrades and has way fewer technical troubles to worry about, translating into cost-efficiency.

Quality and speed

Call Center Studio’s private cloud means speed. Only requiring minimum bandwidth instead of long wired connections, both your call quality and connection speed will soar in the skies.

Next to no disruption in operations

Your concern is ours. That’s why, our support teams work side-by-side with you, making sure you experience minimum downtime, if any, and make the most of your operations.


You need your CRM tools and payment gateways. While on-prem solutions can take weeks to integrate them, Call Center Studio adds them to your service within minutes.

Set-up time

On-prem solutions require long, complex on-site system installations, even for the smallest deployment. Get your cloud-based call center up and running in no time with Call Center Studio.


Let’s say you need to relocate your operations; you’ll need to start all over again. Experience the ease of scaling, integrating, and relocating your operations with Call Center Studio.

Remote Working

On-prem solutions require on-site agents and prevent businesses from cultivating a WFH environment. On the other hand, WFH and Call Center Studio is a match made in heaven!

Call Center Studio vs. Other CCaaS

To be honest, there are many decent CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) out there. But Call Center Studio has some unique perks, next-gen capabilities, and comprehensive features and tools—which we needed a whole other page for, but summarised it here —that very few in the market can offer.


Call Center Studio’s multi-tenancy translates into cost-efficiency, being always up-to-date, high configurability, safer and easier integrations, and no maintenance fees to worry you.

Colocation redundancy

Unlike many CCaaS, Call Center Studio offers colocation redundancy. Thus, you leave worrying about data server equipment and maintenance to us and get to enjoy effortless operations.

Single instance

You’ll get constant, automatic, and free-of-charge upgrades when we have something new or something better to help your operations. That’s just one less thing for you to worry about.

Serverless architecture

Most CCaaS are built on multiple interfaces, servers, and SQLs which slow you down. Call Center Studio’s serverless architecture ensures your operations are as fast—and scalable—as it gets.

Open API

With nearly 30 built-in integrations and an open API supporting any and all kinds of apps and programs, Call Center Studio ensures easy, fast, and steady integrations, free of charge.

AI and machine learning

Excellent call center cloud technology means using AI and machine learning to its finest. Thus, 20% of our workforce solely focuses on developing innovative AI features.

Chatbots & Voicebots

Our bots have an 80% accuracy rate in intent processing, offering businesses and their customers the most human-like, fast, cost-efficient, and effortless self-service processes.


Being a CCaaS built on Google, our services come with Google’s top-notch security. Thus, Call Center Studio has the best capabilities to ensure data security and privacy.

Google perks

Security isn’t the only perk of being a CCaaS built on Google. From simultaneous translation features to insightful Data Studio reports and Dialogflow, Call Center Studio has lots to offer.

Ensure a better CCaaS experience—for everyone!

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