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Call Center Studio of different channels of communication with your customers and can offer customized solutions, you can keep the maximum level of customer experience. Personalized service while providing your customers ' expectations and increase loyalty to your company you can meet.

CRM Integration

Representatives of the customer to perform actions on a single platform, will allow you to offer a personalized service to your customers. Call Center Studio is capable of integration with many different tools you can help your customers in the fastest way you can increase your quality and service.

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Customer Satisfaction

According to customer behavior in real-time and optimized actions and shortcuts you can provide to your customers. Dashboards that you can adapt to your needs with real-time KPIs to manage and track records and surveys for keeping customers happy and keeping quality high, you can.

Customer Satisfaction
Virtual Pos

Pay Online With A
Virtual POS

Call Center Studio provided by Iyzico thanks to the integration, you can offer to your customers the option to pay in a fast and secure way. It accelerates the sales process over the phone with a virtual POS payment increases your credibility with privilege.

Searches And Reports

Call Center Studio you can create with automatic searches for the information you want. Both of these calls are live calls from both the supervisor can follow the screen you can display the details of our reporting module. information stored in CRM Click to call feature by clicking on the phone number in, you can initiate a call without the need for any other processing. All the details in our extensive reporting screens can report your operation in detail, and you can analyze.

Search Reports

Representative Portfolios

IVR in order to transfer our last interviewee preferential tail and user steps, you can have a meeting with the client representative, the customer's last caller. In this way, a user experience your customers by creating personalized portfolios with account managers they wish to achieve. In addition, each representative of different regions or create lists, sales, marketing or support in the way of your own design, you can manage your operations.

To Manage All Your Customers With
Engagement From Her Call Center Studio

Call Recording

Listening to phone calls, identify coaching opportunities.

Multi-Channel Communication

To meet the demands of your customers over all communication channels in one screen and view your reports in all channels in a continuous manner.

A High Service Level

Redundant and scalable infrastructure to reach a high level of Service.

WhatsApp Business Integration

More than 1.5 billion active users in more than 180 countries with WhatsApp feature WhatsApp enterprise solutions for business offering with the integration of your business, your customers get the channels they want.

IVR Dialer

Satisfaction surveys,informational announcements, and efficient customer searches for your campaigns without a representative.

Performance Management

Keep track of the performance of field sales teams


Special occasions, seasonal, such as support outsourcing needs-sourced software to manage their billing and customer representative Call Center Studio with flexibility to increase or decrease.

VIP customer hotline

Manage your customers with VIP code or a phone number or segmentasyion with the web service.

Multi-Location Management

Gather your operations at different locations under one roof. For each define separate numbers on one screen, you can edit scenarios.

FCT Cloud

Use it as your software call center integrated with GSM lines.

Opportunity Tracking

Analyze the data on the phone is engaged in sales operations

Advanced Analytics

Customized reports, dashboard and wallboard call centre development at all points identify your options.

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