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The Call Center Studio Cloud Platform Is Built For Rapid Action And Maximum Scalability.

Outsource Contact Center: When Flexibility Is Your Priority

The Call Center Studio cloud platform is built for rapid action and maximum scalability. You can easily manage the demands of your customers by responding quickly to changes in personnel and call traffic. 

In this way, you can add qualified customer representatives instantly and earn more opportunities. Built-in CRM integrations and Web APIs make it easy for you to access customer information and reporting. In addition, customer representatives working in the outsource call center can work in your center or remotely. 

A computer, headphones and Internet connection are sufficient for this. Call Center Studio takes complexity out of the equation, making it easier for outsource call centers to focus on their business.

Self Service

Full Time Support

Call Center Studio is with you to support you even after the projects go live. Every Call Center Studio user can reach the Call Center Studio support team 24/7 via phone, e-mail or chat channels on issues related to product and case management.

Call Center Studio provides not only software support, but also the support, training, and consultancy services you need for the successful continuation of the operation, optimizing periodic growth and contraction.

Pay As You Go

Call Center Studio aims to be a business partner that provides real added value to its customers by charging its entire service portfolio with a pay-as-you-go model. You can scale as you need, pay for what you use instead of using expensive security and storage software.

Virtual Pos

No Installation, Update and Maintenance Costs

All features are included in one pricing. In addition, it allows you to reduce your software development and hardware costs four times less than traditional call center systems.

Fastest Go Live Time

With Call Center Studio, you can start using your call center within days. With our user-friendly interface, you can strengthen your operation while increasing the performance of your customer representatives.

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Solutions Provided In Collection And Dialer
Operations With Call Center Studio

You can perform your legal and collection transactions, where the document and information traffic is very intense, in a fast and reliable environment by making use of Call Center Studio’s advanced technologies. With multi-channel communication options, you can make it easier for your customers to reach you and increase your service quality. In addition, you can easily manage all communication with your customers on a single platform, track transactions with advanced reporting options, use personalized search methods, and automate transactions with ready-made APIs and integrations. You can maximize productivity and customer satisfaction by taking advantage of all the innovations of the digital environment.

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Can Elevate Your Contact Center?

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Here are the features
CallCenterStudio has to offer

Call Recording

Listening to phone calls, identify coaching opportunities.

Multi-Channel Communication

To meet the demands of your customers over all communication channels in one screen and view your reports in all channels in a continuous manner.

A High Service Level

Redundant and scalable infrastructure to reach a high level of Service.

WhatsApp Business Integration

More than 1.5 billion active users in more than 180 countries with WhatsApp feature WhatsApp enterprise solutions for business offering with the integration of your business, your customers get the channels they want.

IVR Dialer

Satisfaction surveys,informational announcements, and efficient customer searches for your campaigns without a representative.

Performance Management

Keep track of the performance of field sales teams


Special occasions, seasonal, such as support outsourcing needs-sourced software to manage their billing and customer representative Call Center Studio with flexibility to increase or decrease.

VIP Customer Hotline

Manage your customers with VIP code or a phone number or segmentasyion with the web service.

Multi-Location Management

Gather your operations at different locations under one roof. For each define separate numbers on one screen, you can edit scenarios.

FCT Cloud

Use it as your software call center integrated with GSM lines.

Opportunity Tracking

Analyze the data on the phone is engaged in sales operations

Advanced Analytics

Customized reports, dashboard and wallboard call centre development at all points identify your options.

Call Center Studio Success Stories

Success Story

Outsourcing During Covid-19 With Call Center Studio

One Color White SVG Call Center Studio

Outsourcing During Covid-19
With Call Center Studio

The call center outsourcing industry is a challenging and volatile one. BPO companies operating in such a context need a call center solution that fits their unique needs & demands. Call Center Studio has helped alleviate the increased burden on the outsourcing industry during the COVID-19 outbreak by quickly delivering tailored solutions to the largest BPO companies, including Teleperformance and Webhelp.

Full Case Study

Cloud Migration & Salesforce Integration

One Color White SVG Call Center Studio

eBay Subsidiary - Cloud Migration & Salesforce Integration

The call center outsourcing industry is a challenging and volatile one. BPO companies operating in such a context need a call center solution that fits their unique needs & demands.