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Improve your customer service with fast and effective solutions by using Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

IVR technology is a powerful tool for call centers. It guides customers through announcements and enables them to route their calls to the appropriate individuals, menus, departments, or applications by clicking the appropriate buttons.

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Offer Fast and Effective Solutions
with Your Voice Reply Systems

The IVR flow which you will be welcomed with when you call a call center will guide you through announcements. Interactive Voice Response enables calls to be routed to the right individuals, menu, department or application by customers clicking the appropriate buttons. IVR Technology helps you to guide customers and complete their operations without needing any human workforce. You can offer unlimited solution paths for customer demands and operations with the properties in Call Center Studio’s IVR.


Wide Integration Range

You can apply various solutions such as CRM Integrations, Virtual POS Integrations, Self-Service IVR Flows, Automatic Call Scenarios with IVR and AI Integrations with Call Center Studio in your IVR flow. You can complete the customer operations that have called your call center with CRM Integration on IVR, easily collect payments with Virtual POS Integrations and access information that you want to tell your customers with announcement features and without representatives by using IVR Automatic Call Property.

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Identify Customer Needs

You can identify the needs of your customer with their selections by using IVR flow with Call Center Studio Technology. You can view call statistics from actions in IVR flow of the customers who call you and turn your call center into a more effective workplace.

Special Customer Representative

With Call Center Studio, the customers who call you can connect to the appropriate customer representative more quickly. Your customers can find faster answers to their questions by connecting to the representative they have talked to before, without needing to make explanations to multiple representatives. You can increase satisfaction with representatives who know the customers and why they have called. You can facilitate tracking for the representative and make your operation more efficient.

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Fast Call Back

With Call Center Studio, you can allow your customers to leave a call-back request when they don’t want to wait or when your representatives are busy. You can automatically get back to your customers who have left a request or manage the requests via email. You can monitor missed calls when your customer hangs up while waiting for the representative and return these quickly with automatic call.

Smart IVR

You can manage queues in IVR flow with Call Center Studio Technology. You can prevent your customers waiting on the line and notify them with announcements. You can organize your IVR flow for office hours, send messages to customers who call outside office hours and enable them to leave a call-back request. You can send automatic SMS when you want to send a code or notification text to the customers who call you. You can automatically route the customers who have completed their call with the representative to your satisfaction survey.

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