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Asked Questions

See answers to the most commonly asked questions about Contact Center Studio.

Yes, we do. If your integration request is a common one, chances are we have already offer it therefore you can benefit from it immediately. We also provide more specific and special integrations upon request from our customers, contact us for more information.

Yes. The only general requirement is that an agent must have internet access. 

Thanks to the Web-RTC feature of Call Center Studio all your agents need is access to the internet where they can start making and receiving calls instantly through a Web Browser.


No, you don’t! Thanks to Call Center Studio’s Cloud architecture, physical servers on your side are not needed anymore. This allows for almost-instant setup and configuration without any need to invest in hardware or on-premise solutions. Allowing your operation to be infinitely scalable.

Your agents can use any headset they want, keep in mind that the quality of headsets will affect the overall quality of the calls.

Cloud Computing allow companies to store and access their applications and information through the Internet instead of brick-and-mortar local environments. It allows you to expand your call center all over the world without having added expenses of setting up physical buildings for any one employee.


The rule of thumb is 100 KB/s per agent. As an example, if you had 50 seats, a 5 MB bandwidth is enough. This allows you to keep internet bills to a minimum without suffering a loss of productivity!


At Call Center Studio, we are able to integrate with all IP platforms as shown on our homepage. However, many of our customers have happily switched over completely to Call Center Studio from their current systems.


You can get started right away. Simply and we will have you up and running in no time.


We have partnered with several telecommunication operators around the world to allow users to make calls from a browser (also called a softphone).


Put simply, we have better technology. We have a secure but open platform powered by Google allowing integration with third party vendors easily and effectively. Beyond that; we are faster, easier, more flexible and more responsive to our customers’ ever evolving needs.


Pay-as-you-go! Just like it sounds! There is not ANY long-term investment required. No hardware, software, maintenance or technical staff costs. You simply login and pay a monthly fee.


Customer Experience Features

Our outbound capabilities work using call lists from which the dialer would dial the numbers. Typically, these lists would be managed by the administrator/supervisor of the operation without any integrations. However, using our PublicAPI, integrations with CRMs, databases, and other sorts of sources allow these lists to be managed dynamically. Further features allow agents to choose wrap-up codes after an interaction to easily tag them for categorization and reporting, customizing the dial rate to minimize abandoned calls, and agentless campaigns/surveys. Our predictive dialer can dynamically adjust its calling rate based on the pick-up rate of the last 200 call attempts. When integrated with CRM solutions, the preview dialer can be enabled where the agent sees the customer card before connecting to a caller to maximize efficiency. The dialer can also be customized to dial at a pace that is determined manually. This way, it can be used as a power, progressive, or preview dialer (when integrated with CRM).
Bulk user addition can be completed for new tenants. Our development team requests this information when performing the installation. The client simply needs to fill out our Development team’s form, and the process can be accomplished.
SSO is possible with Call Center Studio for agents to avoid entering ID & Passwords for both their PC and our software. SSO is a feature many of our clients are already using. We can also provide this functionality to clients who use our embedded softphone in single page CRM software (such as Zoho or MS Dynamics). So they only need to login to the CRM to activate their account on our solution as well. A similar approach is possible, as long as the login information is consistent.
With Call Center Studio, it is possible to further customize specific user’s permissions and authorization access. For example, supervisor’s (or any other role’s) reach can be limited to specific records or data (for example, a supervisor who can only see one queue in the system, rather than all).

We can connect the web chat system on a client’s webpage to our solution so that agents receive incoming chat requests within the same interface that they take calls.

We can also integrate with WhatsApp, provided that the customer has a verified WhatsApp Business account and number. Another option is Facebook Messenger, so anyone contacting the company through this channel will also be served by the agents using the software.

We can also provide a “web callback” option, for those who fill a contact form on a website, these numbers and other information would be put inside our solution for callbacks later.

Call Center Studio’s chat capabilities include chatbots and state of the art AI tools such as Google’s Dialogflow.

We can notify the agent with a browser notification when a call comes in, in case they are currently in a different tab or application.

When they miss a call, “not answering” status will be triggered that can only be changed with manual input from the agent, making them unavailable to receive any further calls if they are not at their tables. “Not answering” status prevents that no other caller connects to that agent.

Agents can be provided with scripts during their interaction to guide and standardize their conversations. Scripts can be fed with data from CRM software (when integrated) and various other web services to allow for a customized and more personalized approach.

When it comes to chat interactions, our system allows the definition of custom template messages for agents to avoid losing time to type the same messages over and over again.

For callbacks, Call Center Studio has several options:

  • A callback campaign can be created that consists of the customers that abandoned calls. 
  • When a caller hangs up the phone without connecting to an agent while waiting in the queue, we can notify the supervisor with the call-ID so that supervisors can make sure the call is not left unanswered. 
  • We can put a step in the IVR that would ask a customer who has been waiting for longer than a specified time whether they would like a callback, and call that number if the answer is yes.
  • We can ask from the customer who waited long in the queue to leave a voicemail. This voicemail can be listened to by the operation, or its transcript can be sent as an email. 

A customer’s actions that called an operation using our solution can be seen in detail in the quality control screen. When clicked on a record under call records, customer’s every action is logged to the call history tab in the opened window.



Call Center Studio can be easily localized to any language supported by Google. For using our product in other languages, the new language package must be installed by our development team. Then we can check with your team to optimize the language for your usage.

For other languages, we are also able to integrate these services from other local vendors. Please contact us for further details regarding availability in your language. Our voice and chatbot features, Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) functions are directly built on Google’s services. Therefore we can work with any language supported by Google in this regard. You can see the supported languages by Google’s Dialogflow here, and TTS & ASR here. For other languages, we are also able to integrate these services from other local vendors. Please contact us for further details regarding availability in your language.

Integrations & Technical

We have an API for almost every event in the software (answering, transfers, campaign calls, etc.). This library makes up our public API, which is accessible at

Thanks to our Public API, we/our partners/end-customers can develop and implement integrations between Call Center Studio and other software.

CCS also comes built-in with popular integration requests. These include:

  • CRM software such as SAP, Salesforce, Zoho, MS Dynamics and others,
  • Payment systems such as Ingenico.
  • PBX Hardware and infrastructure such as IP Phones from Avaya, Alcatel – Lucent, Cisco, Yealink, and more.
  • Chat integration for WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, and webchats

For more information, please visit the Integrations page.

Our development and integrations teams are working to bring more compatibility to our product for new integration requests.

If you have such a request, please Contact us. You can also utilize our public API to develop your own custom integrations to optimize your customer experience.

For more information, please visit the Integrations page.

Connections to the operators of your choosing are executed through SIP Trunks so that a call coming to the client’s phone number can be routed to our system. As long as the operator of your preference provides the SIP Trunk option, we can connect your existing number and carrier to Call Center Studio. In other cases, we can build upon a PBX network with existing numbers or install on-premise devices to enable a connection. Another option we have is our various network service provider partners. Through these partners, we can get local numbers and connect them to our software in 10 seconds. Setting up the underlying system (with built-in integrations) takes as little as one business day or less. Please contact us for more information about your region.

Pricing & Billing

Call Center Studio has three different packages:

  • The basic package which includes essential voice, reporting and monitoring capabilities,
  • Pro Package which, in addition to Basic functionalities, includes outbound dialers, advanced reporting, SMS & Webchat capabilities, integrations to CRP/ERP software
  • Enterprise Package, which, in addition to Pro functionality, includes social media integration, AI capabilities, and dedicated support personnel at Call Center Studio.

Pricing is done on a per agent per month basis with different billing options, monthly and annually.  

For more information, you can contact us for a specialized quote.

Currently, our packages are provided as per the account, so one account can have one package or pricing plan.

However, we can provide separate accounts for users with different licenses. All the users with the same license would have access to the respective account, emulating your request.

Security & Compliance

On a technical level, Call Center Studio’s features and capabilities are in line with the GDPR. 

Call Center Studio’s voice traffic (biometric data) flows through the Google Cloud’s datacenters. 

In Europe, this is the London datacenter (europe-west2). Despite Brexit, voice data being kept in London does not create any problem whatsoever for Europe’s operations until 2024 in terms of GDPR. 

Depending on your needs and requirements, we can move your data to your preferred datacenter. All the available locations can be found here.

The data are on Google’s Cloud infrastructure and are kept in a way that minimizes security concerns. Data is split into three random pieces of information, which are secured and encrypted in 6 layers of protection. 

For more information on how Google protects your data, you can check out the articles and whitepapers located on our website. Or if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Partner Program

We have established our partner program to assist our international clients better by partnering with VARs, Integrators, and IT companies that resell and support solutions of vendors such as ours. This way, our clients can get local support through our partners in the region.

The program offers our partner sales & marketing assistance, lead distribution, revenue share opportunities, and other benefits to support in their efforts to distribute Call Center Studio in their local markets. 

Partners get a margin of the sale they close for the client’s lifetime, as long as they are an active reseller. 

We do not assign our partners any territory limits or offer any type of exclusivity. Instead, we have the deal registration system in place, which secures a lead for a certain amount of time, once you register the deal. 

The deal registration also had other perks: extra margins and assistance from our sales and development teams to help close the deal.

For more information about the partner program, please visit our Partner Portal.