Improving the Call Center
Experience With AI

From speech analysis to chatbots to business intelligence, enjoy sophisticated AI features. These smart tools allow you to collect data and understand your customers on a deeper level.

Customize your chatbot to support the unique demands of your customer.
Plus, save time and make day-to-day operations easier for your agents.

AI and Quality Management

Wonder what your customers are saying? Use AI to scan agents conversations with customers and detect certain words.

Speech & Text Analysis

Integrate your call center with Sestek for powerful AI speech and text analysis. Convert the voices of both your customer and your agent to text. Gain insights from customers interactions to improve your service.

Chatbot Integrations

Make your chatbot even more powerful with integrations. Connect the chatbot with your CRM and more! Create a well-oiled machine for serving your customers.

Sentiment Analysis

Get a glimpse into what your customers are thinking. Analyze the words they use to understand how they feel about you.

Speech Recognition Technology

Let your customers get help by speaking, instead of pressing endless buttons. Customers can solve their own problems with a few simple voice commands.

Speech Synthesis

Speech synthesis can voice anything, including names, numbers and other dynamic data. This creates a natural customer experience, without the need to record each statement.

Chatbots & Voicebot

Chatbots and voicebots respond to customer's questions and transactions 24/7. Reduce your operational expenses and improve customer experience.

Smile Detection

Studies have shown that when agents answer the phone with a smile, customers can tell. Even though they can't see them, it changes the tone of their voice. Our Smile feature detects whether agents are smiling and gives them a reminder to put on a happy face!

Smart Forwarding

Create custom flows to serve your customers. Use chatbots to automate certain transactions such as ordering and order tracking. Your customers get better service, without having to wait for a representative.

Develop Chatbot

Analyze your surveys to develop a chatbot unique to the needs of your customers. Help your customers with what they need, in WhatsApp, Facebook or Web Chat flows.

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Business Intelligence

Get powerful data-driven insights that fit your needs. Keep a close eye on your Key Performance Indicators to improve your operations. Get easy and fast access to custom reports that show you what you need to know. This crucial information helps you make the decisions that matter.

Use the data to pinpoint how you can outshine your competition.

Choose How You View Your Data

Decide how you want to view your reports. See the stats you want to see via clear, concise graphs.

Make the Right Decisions Faster

Take quick action and adapt to the needs of your customers. You'll have an advantage over your competition when you can think fast.

Manage Your Team Easier

These easy to use tools make managing your team a breeze. Track performance and see what needs adjusting, in real time.

Manage Your Data

Handle a large scale data flow every day, even with different units and teams. Bring together data from varied communication channels and make it meaningful.

Success Story

Multinational Chain of Fast Food Restaurants

Multinational Chain of
Fast Food Restaurants

Leader in the multi-chain fast-food industry, with a goal to take and deliver orders faster than the competition, even when the order volume is at the peak. wanted to ensure problem-free food deliveries and continued consumer satisfaction. They asked for an AI solution with machine learning capabilities that can support phone orders, and Call Center Studio delivered.

Success Story

Regional Leader In The E-Commerce Industry

Regional Leader in the
E-commerce Industry

A leader in e-commerce industry was challenged to manage their traffic during Black Friday. Despite expanding their call center team, they were stuggling to handle all the customer inquiries due to sudden increase in shoping volume. As a solution, CCS designed a Chatbot using Google’s Dialogflow to automatically handle repetitive requests.

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