Integrate call centers easily to API for efficient customer experience!

API provides business optimization by reporting, controlling and managing.

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Integrate any business application you want to your call center easily with APIs offered by Call Center Studio.

Creating an effective customer experience will help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. One of the first things you need to create this experience is to integrate your call center with the software your customers use. With APIs offered by Call Center Studio, you can easily integrate your CRM and ERP applications to your call center.

Easy Integration

Operations to enable businesses applications to work integrated compared to other processes in call center project installation might take longer and cause various workloads.

However, you can easily integrate applications used in your call center operations with Call Center Studio and save on extra workload and time.

You can make your own integration for your operation with easy-to-use APIs and make future plans for your business.

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Integrated Systems

You can use your business applications in your call center operations with API integrations offered by Call Center Studio.

APIs can be prepared for reporting, quality control and manager teams, which help business optimization.

Your call center can work more effectively by being integrated to all business applications with easy-to-use APIs. Increase your call center competencies with associated reports.

User Experience

You can integrate properties such as Click to Call, Screen Pop-up to your modules in your CRM application with Call Center Studio’s ready-made APIs. You can also easily make calls without using a different screen while monitoring the workflow of your call center operation on CRM.

You can benefit from our APIs, especially for automatic call scenarios which you can use for sales and aftersales service operations.

While offering an ease-of-use to your customer representatives, you can decrease the errors in manual use and communicate more effectively with your customers.

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Consolidated Reporting

Reports used in call center operations and obtained from different applications can have varying format and size.

This makes it harder to compare reports with each other, creating additional workload on operation managers, which might increase errors.

With APIs offered by Call Center Studio, you can match the reports from other applications with your call center data and create consolidated, clear reports.

Business Optimization

Call center applications working appropriately with workflow is extremely important both for management and reporting teams.

You can integrate the workflows in your entire service departments such as sales, aftersales support and helpdesk with ready-made APIs offered by Call Center Studio and include all properties in your call center to your applications.

You can enable your customer representatives to collect the frequently used applications on a single screen and increase customer satisfaction.

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