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The Education Sector

Provide better support to your students with our smart AI-powered call center software. Call Center Studio helps your agents support students faster, while reducing costs.

Call Center Studio Success Stories

Success Story

The World’s Third Biggest University

The World’s Third Biggest University

A prestigious university known for its high capacity for enrollment outsourced their call center services. During high demand periods such as registration, exam & enrollment periods, the university failed to provide adequate service for students. Call Center Studio exceeded expectations by using ICR to solve the problems, providing the university with a huge efficiency boost.

Universities That Work With Call Center Studio

Scale Up or Down With

Increase or decrease the number of agents according to demand. You'll only ever pay for what you need.

Receive Payments Online With Virtual Pos

Your students can make quick and safe payments online with our virtual POS. Manage all billing and collection transactions on a single screen.

Use Automated Calls to Reach More Students

With the “Predictive Dialer” feature, spread information in an effective way to students. Follow calls live on the supervisor screen.

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Assign an Agent to
Each Student

Match an agent with each student, and make sure they always speak with the same one. Create portfolios with information to reduce speaking time.

Here are the features
CallCenterStudio has to offer

IVR Dialer
Set up satisfaction surveys, informative announcements and more for your students. With IVR, these systems work 24/7 without any need for an agent.
Performance Management
These easy to use tools make managing your team a breeze. Track performance and see what needs adjusting, in real time.
Extra help when you need it for the busiest times of the school year. Increase or decrease your support system with software that adjusts to your needs.
VIP Customer Hotline
Provide premium support to your most valued clientele. Offer your customers a VIP code or phone number to access VIP customer service.
Multi-Channel Communication
Include operations in any country on the platform. With Inhouse and Outsource, thousands of agents can work on a single channel at the same time. Provide services at any desired location and make outsourcing easy.
Cloud FCT
With Fixed-Cellular-Terminal technology you can use many phone numbers when calling your customers. This powerful software increases your pickup rates, without any bulky machines.
Opportunity Tracking
Agents can use the built-in sales lead tracking feature to tag potential opportunities. Follow-up with hot leads or sort into categories.
Advanced Analytics
Create customized reports to view your most important KPIs. View all the info on a beautiful and convenient dashboard.

Ready To See How Call Center Studio
Can Elevate Your Call Center?

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