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Inbound Contact Center Solutions

With every customer interaction, you have a chance to make an unforgettable impression. When your customers call your business,
how can you make their experience better?

With our powerful inbound call center features, you can help your customers when they need it. This is your secret weapon for offering customer service that will outshine your competition.

Try our free demo of inbound call center solutions.
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Operations Efficiency

CallCenterStudio allows you to keep track of your agent’s performance, so you can keep the call center running smoothly and intervene when necessary.

For your agents, these features make the system incredibly easy to use, so they can focus on their most important tasks.

Here are some of the operations management features CallCenterStudio has to offer:

Advanced Transfer Options

Agents can transfer calls to the relevant person with a simple click. Callers get their issues resolved faster.

Quality Control

Access call, chat and satisfaction survey records, track calls and voicemails and more.

Agent Supervision

See the real-time status of your agent team, including names, status and duration of calls.


CallCenterStudio connects with a wide range of other software, including payment systems, CRM, WhatsApp, Facebook and more.

Self-Service Functions

Customers can perform simple tasks without an agent, freeing up the queue and reducing wait times.

Gamification Options

Motivate your team to boost their productivity with rankings, rewards and competitions.

Our operations features keep your call center running smoothly and save you time.


Make A Multi-Channel Connection

Our multi-channel cloud contact center integrates multiple
touchpoints, including social media, text, voice and the web.

This means that you can create a complete end-to-end customer journey, without the customer having to share the same information multiple times.

You’ll meet your customer’s needs by being there for them with
seamless customer service, no matter HOW they reach out to you.

Set Up Interactive
Voice Response

Your customers want their voices to be heard and their problems resolved quickly and effortlessly. Our interactive voice response features allow you to respond to customer queries automatically, 24/7.

An IVR system allows customers to resolve basic customer service interactions themselves without needing to speak to a live agent. Your IVR system can also be used for promotions, surveys, polls, brand awareness and so much more.

An IVR system delights your customers by saving them time and hassle. Plus, it reduces cost, improves lead conversion and helps you scale.

An image of a voice recording app with two people and a microphone for inbound call center solutions.

Here are the IVR features
CallCenterStudio has to offer

Interactive Chat Response (ICR)

When your customers call in, they can choose options easily on their keyboards. No live agent required.

IVR Script Designer

You choose what customers hear when they contact you! Create unique greetings, prompts, menus and more.


Convert text into vocal speech. This makes personalizing your IVR greetings easy, without any recording needed.

ASR Languages

Built-in speech-to-text and text-to-speech features allow your customers to speak their responses with their voices

Inbound & Outbound Call Flow

Need to customize your inbound and outbound call flow? You can do it easily with a dropdown menu.

CRM Lookup

Every agent can quickly see the context and previous touchpoints of a call. Save time and offer better service.

Our IVR features let you save money
and offer better customer service.

Getting Set Up is Easy

With CallCenterStudio, setting up your new cloud-based call center couldn’t be easier. We offer full support during
the implementation stage. Plus, we will share our best practices to help you get the most out of your call center.

Call Center Studio is the right address for fast solutions and process integrations! Their unmatched support & consultation helped us get the latest technologies and strategies for a call center.
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Call Center Studio’s innovative and solution-oriented approach, technology, and experienced team are the basis of our successful projects. This adaptation & dynamism makes our work very comfortable.
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Call Center Studio showed us what a true partnership means during the pandemic. Their proactive, friendly, and customer-oriented approach helped us navigate these unprecedented times.
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