How CallCenterStudio Benefits
In Cargo & Logistics Companies

Online shopping has increased in recent years. This means that (more than ever) logistics and cargo companies need a way to interact with customers.

Call Center Studio Success Stories

Success Story

E-Commerce Portal

Fashion e-Commerce Portal

The customer was concerned about the budget needed to increase their Service Levels, as more agents were required to face the intense traffic on the call center consisting of various requests. Call Center Studio eliminated these issues, advised the customer of an integrated self-service solution, and implemented these in a short period of time.

Success Story

Multinational Flower Delivery Portal

Multinational Flower Delivery Portal

A leader in flower delivery services, which is operating actively in several countries, needed a global number masking solution to be deployed in these countries. An effective solution from Call Center Studio was offered, and implemented in all those countries in 3 days, saving time and money significantly.

When customers contact you asking about their cargo, are you ready to respond?

Design powerful workflows that will meet the needs of your customers.
Then, collect insightful reports on the data to help you understand them better.

Keep Customer Info Safe

Field teams can contact customers during delivery, without accessing their phone number. Customers can reach out to field teams via the call center infrastructure.

Save Time With A
Smart IVR System

Your customer calls to inquire about the status of their delivery. They enter the tracking number and get the info, without needing to connect to an agent.

Improve Service With A Chatbot and Voicebot

Your customers can interact with you via chatbots and voicebots. 

They can get automatic updates on the status of their delivery and more, in an instant.

Ready To See How Call Center Studio
Can Elevate Your Call Center?

Manage Your Missed Calls With Auto Dial

Get back to the customers who are trying to reach you and improve customer satisfaction. Track missed calls and manage them within the rules you set.

Track Branches
In Many Locations

Do you have branches in many locations? Track them all on a single screen. Adjust permissions, so that each branch can't access each other's reports. Set up authorized managers who can oversee the entire operation.

Here are the features
CallCenterStudio has to offer

WhatsApp Business Integration
Integrate with WhatsApp and offer your customers chat support. With more than 1.5 billion active users in more than 180 countries, it's a powerful way to connect.
Multi-Channel Communication
Help your customers via many channels, all on one screen. Offer your clients seamless support, no matter what channel they are using.
Call Recording
Keep organized records of every call your agents make. Listen to phone calls and identify coaching opportunities.
IVR Dialer
Set up satisfaction surveys, informative announcements and more for your customers. With IVR, they work 24/7 without any need for an agent.
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