Cloud Migration & Salesforce Integration - Full Case Study

The client used an on-premise product of Avaya. The unresponsiveness of the vendor and the partner network, coupled with the out-of-date call center system, caused many problems.

Call Center Studio offered consultancy and know-how by implementing self-service functions in collaboration with the client. Thanks to the unique cloud infrastructure of Call Center Studio, the client realized the ROI was so high that they upscaled the operation from 70 agents to 300+ in just a few months.

330% operations growth

Operations size grew from 70 to 305 contact center agents

200% ROI increase

Business operations doubled their revenue

1.5 mins talk time saved

Agents spend less time on the phone during peak periods - freeing up valuable time.

Use Case

On-prem to cloud




Cloud migration with Salesforce integration

The client used an on-premise product of Avaya. Experiencing poor customer support from the vendor, coupled with an out-of-date call center system and limit to scalability, leading to frustrated agents and operations. However, a turn of events occurred when the client decided to partner and explore the know-how of Call Center Studio.

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Full Case Study

Cloud Migration & Salesforce Integration

Call Center Studio is the right address for fast solutions and process integrations! Their unmatched support & consultation helped us get the latest technologies and strategies for a call center.


Customer Service Supervisor

Call Center Studio’s innovative and solution-oriented approach, technology, and experienced team are the basis of our successful projects. This adaptation & dynamism makes our work very comfortable.


R&D Manager

Call Center Studio showed us what a true partnership means during the pandemic. Their proactive, friendly, and customer-oriented approach helped us navigate these unprecedented times.


Account Director

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