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Customized CTI Integration

Improve your workflow efficiency by integrating third-party software, such as CRM and ERP, with Call Center Studio's CTI Integration solution.

Integration enables seamless integration between voice communication infrastructure and business software technologies, providing various applications and tools to facilitate workflow and improve efficiency.

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CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) that includes the integration between voice communication infrastructure and business software technologies works with various applications and offers tools to facilitate workflow.

Call Center Studio, as a Cloud Contact Center Technology, offers call management and reporting experience with CTI applications. Increase your workflow efficiency with third-part software integrations such as CRM and ERP. You can manage an unlimited number of calls simultaneously without channel or capacity limits with Call Center Studio CTI Integration.

Multi-call management on computer

You can manage multiple calls simultaneously on your computer with Call Center Studio CTI Integration. You can offer the call center experience on a web-based platform to your customers. You can manage an unlimited number of calls simultaneously without channel and capacity limit with Call Center Studio, as it has Cloud Technology.

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Know Your Customers!

You can recognize your customers from numbers they called you and increase your operation speed and satisfaction with Call Center Studio Technology. You can improve call quality with information such as customer names, order status or previous orders. Customer representatives can rapidly access customer information, which is simultaneously opened with the call, allowing them to meet customers’ needs in a shorter time. Increase the satisfaction and efficiency levels with a fast customer service experience.

Automatic Call Scenarios

You can reach your customers without any manual operation with Call Center Studio's automatic call property. The customers automatically called by the system are connected to the suitable representative. You can increase speed by using automatic call property for your operations such as payment collection, sales, debt or delivery information and minimize the errors due to manual processes. You can call multiple contacts simultaneously with multiple call trials and complete the lists faster.

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Third-Part Integrations

Call Center Studio technology enables you to work on a single screen with CRM or different business software. With OpenAPIs, Call Center Studio can be easily integrated to third-party software. While integrations decrease the workload of your call center operations, you can also save time. You can ensure ease of use in your operations and plan the integrations in the most suitable way for your workflow.

Advanced Reporting Experience

Integrated customer demands and call flows in Call Center Studio Technology enables end-to-end reporting. You can manage your call center operations without channel and capacity limit and offer an accessible service to your customers. You can monitor the number of customers who call you, whilst your customer representatives are busy and get back to your customers quicker, increasing customer satisfaction. You can easily access your customer reports with Call Center Studio CRM Integrations.

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