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Home | Blog | 18 Vital Features a Healthcare Contact Center Needs
Home | Blog | 18 Vital Features a Healthcare Contact Center Needs

18 Vital Features a Healthcare Contact Center Needs

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Home | Blog | 18 Vital Features a Healthcare Contact Center Needs

The pandemic outburst has led to a tremendous transformation in healthcare organizations and patient care. The best way to keep up with this growing disruption is to choose a healthcare contact center software that will meet both your and your patients’ needs.

Thus, medical businesses need to invest in cutting-edge cloud-based call center technologies that support business expansion, improve patient engagement, and handle the outburst of call volumes while providing seamless and satisfactory customer service for the healthcare industry.

Here are 18 vital features to look for in a healthcare call center solution to help you cultivate healthcare call center best practices.

18 Must-Have Features for the Healthcare Industry

An innovative, solution-oriented healthcare contact center software plays a significant role in developing robust patient relations. 

Here is a list of healthcare call center services and features you can incorporate into your healthcare call center to achieve this milestone:

1. Conversational AI

From analyzing speech to integrating advanced business intelligence, sophisticated AI features such as Dialogflow allow top-shelf self-service healthcare solutions by providing quality communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Plus, these high-tech tools make data collection easier to understand your patients on a deeper level, enhancing customer experience

2. Self Service Portal

Patients are constantly looking for quick answers to questions concerning scheduling and billing. When that’s the case, a healthcare contact center software that leverages self-service technologies will make sure you’re delivering the best medical self-service processes on both your voice and chat channels.

Read our success story to discover how Call Center Studio’s Dialogflow deployments can help you experience a 60% increase in service capacity!

3. Seamless Bot-to-Agent Transfer

When you can’t resolve a matter on your own via self-service portals, it’s frustrating to try to connect to a live agent. However, it’s crucial for a patient in need to quickly get in touch with an agent.

Streamlining your routing system to ensure a seamless bot-to-agent transfer is a vital healthcare solution in an era of a harmonized relationship between bots, agents, and callers.

4.  Robust CRM Integration

Patients have lots of documents, queries, and historical data that you have to be able to easily retrieve.

Thus, the perfect healthcare contact center software should easily integrate with your existing CRM system and other BI tools.

5. Multichannel Capabilities

You have to be accessible to your patients from almost every communication channel there is. Thus, make sure you opt for a healthcare contact center software that offers streamlined multichannel communication. 

6. Click2Connect

One-click connections help customers easily engage with agents with just a tap on the screen. The feature builds interactive sessions while saving your patients from the hassle of user credentials to sign in or worries about billed telecommunication services.

Call Center Studio’s Click2Connect helps patients all around the world access you with a single click!

Talk to our experts to learn more!

7. Inbound, Outbound, and Blended Operations

You may need to deploy an agent in your outbound operations to check on your patients and have them take inbound calls once your daily list of calls is complete.

At that point, your call center solution should streamline the process of switching between inbound and outbound operations, allowing you to cater to all the customer-centric operations. 

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8. IVR System

This feature is crucial to look for not only in a healthcare contact center software but in all industrial solutions. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) builders let businesses easily design and update IVR workflow. A solution that offers a flexible drag and drop option allows support teams to implement their workflows according to their requirements.

9. Automated Routing

The automated intelligence allows routing the incoming calls to the best-fit call center agents. This helps provide a seamless service and improve the overall patient experience. 

From Skill-Based to Priority Routing, Call Center Studio has all the ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) systems you need.

Check out our full list of features and benefits to discover more!

10. Callback Management

Features like prioritized callbacks save agents time while helping improve patient satisfaction levels by decreasing their hold time.

11. Auto Dialer

Make sure that your healthcare contact center software has Auto Dialers. These dialers are crucial for medical businesses with outbound operations because they help agents automatically dial through a preexisting list of patients and manage large outbound campaigns requiring a high volume of calls.

12. Agentless Campaigns

Agentless campaigns help set up campaigns like appointment confirmation and send automated messages to a predefined list of contacts. This frees up agents while also increasing the contact center’s efficiency by 40%.

Predictive, Power, Auto… Call Center Studio’s award-winning Dialers are here to unleash your team’s full potential. Check them out

13. Non-office Hours Configuration

If your call center does not operate round the clock, you have to make sure that your call center software offers a non-office hours configuration. Thus, your callers are still offered a better experience, even when you’re not there to greet them.

14. Live Monitoring

An ideal healthcare contact center software should have built-in capabilities to monitor the overall performance of your customer support agents in real-time—ensure that you’re always providing superior patient care and that you have full control over how a customer interacts with your organization.

15. Reports & Dashboards

There are many healthcare call center metrics that you need to be on top of. Your contact center solution should provide essential insights like call duration, frequency of calls, and timing sequence alongside call center data

Call center Studio has built-in robust reporting and monitoring tools that provide your supervisors with real-time access to calls and detailed insights on operations. 

16. Number Masking

Number masking guarantees privacy and allows connection with patients without revealing the identities of either party. Masking also helps supervise conversations and prevent misuse of personal data.

17. Supreme SLA and Uptime

The healthcare industry is one of the few industries that need to be always-on—you never know when a patient can be in need of urgent care. Thus, you must be sure that your healthcare contact center software comes with an SLA agreement that comprises a 99.99% uptime and that you settle for nothing less.

18. Enterprise-grade Security

It goes without saying, confidentiality and privacy are very important within the healthcare industry as patient information requires another level of delicacy. You need a healthcare contact center software deployed with impassable security measures and encryption models. 

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Benefits of Using a Cloud Contact Center Software for Healthcare


Cloud-based contact center solutions like Call Center Studio allow on-demand scalability, meaning that you can upsize and downsize your operations as you wish. 


This business model ensures that you have better budget management and flexibility rather than signing up for year-long contracts as most on-prem solutions require.

Way Less Maintenance

A cloud contact center software has a serverless infrastructure and requires way less hardware. Thus, from setup to maintenance, requires less IT support and maintenance costs. 

Colocation Redundancy

Cloud-based contact center software providers offer colocation redundancy—you do not have to worry about server rooms and other troubles like utility bills that come along with them.

No Bulky Hardware Deployments

All you need for your call center are a laptop, minimum bandwidth, and a pair of headphones. No big investments or bulky hardware that take space or money required.


Cloud-based call center software empowers your team to work remotely while ensuring that your team leaders and operation managers have continuous supervision over processes.

Quality And Speed

Cloud-based solutions do not rely on wires and transmitters—it comes with the power of the web. Enjoy undisrupted quality communication with the speed of the internet.


We shared the most crucial features a healthcare contact center software should offer you for you to keep up with dynamic patient needs and the increasing demands of the healthcare system. 

Book a demo today to learn what more Call Center Studio can offer to ensure you the best patient relationships and healthcare operations!