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Home | Contact Center Best Practices | What Is Contact Center Data and How to Analyze It?
Home | Contact Center Best Practices | What Is Contact Center Data and How to Analyze It?

What Is Contact Center Data and How to Analyze It?

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Analyzing Contact Center Data

Analyzing call center data is one of the keys to operational success. Why? It gives you insight into so many valuable aspects, from how to improve call center performance to what kind of coaching your call center operators may need and how to increase customer satisfaction.

But, here’s the elephant in the room, 61% of businesses struggle to capture—and make sense of—customer data. And today, where delivering your customers the best call center experience is a huge competitive advantage, acting on call center data and making data-driven decisions is vital for your business to keep the wheel spinning and attain the desired contact center operational efficiency.

In this article, you’ll find the key benefits of using business intelligence tools, the most important metrics to evaluate, and best practices and approaches for analyzing call center data

call center metrics and KPIs

Call center metrics

When it comes to call center data analysis, call center managers can have a rough time trying to figure out which angle to tackle.

Here are the KPIs and recommended call center metrics best practices to track in your contact center operations to offer top customer support and help improve agent efficiency:

  • Average abandonment rate
  • Occupancy rate
  • Average time in queue
  • First contact resolution (FCR)
  • Agent turnover rate
  • Service level
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Contact quality management score
  • Average handle time (AHT)

Average abandonment rate

What happens when a customer calls but gives up when they can’t contact an agent? Nothing good for your QA (quality assessment) for sure. As the average abandonment rate is about 12%, the less, the better it is for you.

Occupancy rate

The occupancy rate is the time agents spend on call center-related activity (talk, hold, and wrap-up time) against their logged-in time. As this rate depends a lot on your call volume, keeping it around 75%-85% will be the best. Keeping an eye on call center call volume analysis gives you insight into calls handled within a period of time.

Average time in queue

How much wait time is acceptable when you contact a call center? Not much, right? Thus, your customers’ average time in queue is a perfect indicator of the customer experience you deliver them.

CCS Hack: Sometimes, call centers are just too busy. In those days, personalized IVR systems will work wonders to help customize your customers’ experience and ensure them a good time, despite the wait!

Give it a try today!

Call center first contact resolution

First contact resolution (FCR)

The first interaction you have with a customer should be enough to resolve their query no matter the channel. Skill-based routing is one of the best ways to ensure that while getting you a 10 out of 10 for CX! 

Agent turnover rate

High agent turnover rates mean more coaching and adjustment periods that will eat up operational efficiency. Identify patterns that lead to such cases and what to do about agent challenges. Empower your team with tools and AI that will help them throughout their day.

Service level

Your caller is connected to an agent with the first ring, but how long will it take to finish their query? Is the first agent to pick up fit to the case, or would the customer need to be transferred? How much of your customers’ time you take is crucial in serving the best CX!

Did You Know: A Forrester report shows that 66% of people think it’s essential that businesses value their time. And having customers repeat their queries is just a waste of time for both your customers and agents.

CCS’s seamless CRM integrations will help you pull historical data and get everything your agents need to know, helping them serve the fastest, most efficient, and best service to your customers.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a crucial KPI to keep in mind as today it is as easy as a click to lose your customers to a competitor. Conduct surveys and leverage data to gain insight into your customers’ requirements and expectations and whether or not you fulfill them.

Contact quality management score

Contact Center Predictive analytics is the hero starring in this metric as it ensures that you’ve matched the best-fit agent with your customers. What does it mean? Well, you’ll ensure agent productivity, so they don’t struggle with misfit cases while you deliver the best customer journey.

Average handle time (AHT)

So, your FCR and service level rates are passing with flying colors. How is your wrapping time going? Average handle time analysis is one of the crucial call center metrics to keep track of as it provides a comprehensive insight into how productive your support and service operations actually are.

Question: How to reduce after call work in a call center? 

The winning answer: User-friendly dashboards!

User-friendly dashboards will help improve your agents’ productivity as they’ll be able to access all tools with a single click, helping reduce their wrap-up time, reportings, and overall AHT!

call center quality with data analytics

How to improve call center quality with data analytics?

Leveraging data analytics in your contact center operations can transform your efficiency to another level. From streamlining agent performance evaluations to reducing customer service calls, here are some of the most beneficial effects of having data analytics at your service. 

  • Evaluating call center agent performance
  • Reducing customer service calls
  • Improving customer experience

Evaluating call center agent performance

Question: How to evaluate call center agent performance?

Answer: Performance Analytics and Speech Analytics

Back in those days, monitoring agent performance used to be over the shoulder eavesdropping. Today that would come across as micromanagement—not good for employer branding.

Fortunately, tools that enable real-time monitoring and comprehensive reporting get in the way of that! Now, you can leverage technology such as speech analytics and data visualization to evaluate agent performance, saying goodbye to manually browsing through call records!

Empower your supervisors with these analytics to gather insight into agent skills and performance, call type, knowledge gaps, and the overall customer experience. Help them sort out the best coaching needed for your operations to shoot for the stars!

Reducing customer service calls

Question: How to reduce customer service calls?

Answer: Consumer-Based Analysis and Call center Predictive Analytics

With these powerful analytics (☝️), you can predict customer behaviors and identify trends and the best ways to communicate with customers. 

You can improve your customer-facing interactions, increase overall productivity and improve complaint response and resolution rates, which will reduce customer service calls. You can also always deploy smart IVR systems to cut down on the minutes your agents spend on a call.

Improving customer experience

Question: How to improve quality in call centers?

Answer: Text Analytics and Cross Channel Analytics

Today, companies offer more than one touchpoint for their customers. If that’s the case for you, using call center text analytics to ensure seamless journeys for your customers across all communication channels should be a must! 

Why? Text analytics analyze written communication just as speech analytics evaluates calls. Thus, you get to identify gaps that may be in your chat, social media, or WhatsApp services. 

Leverage analytics to ensure that you deliver consistent perfection throughout all channels and improve your customer experience.

Customer feedback is a very valuable asset that you can use to improve customer experience. After all, what better option than the customers themselves pointing out what was great or what could’ve been better?

And one of the best ways to collect such valuable insight is agentless campaigns! Have tech do the heavy lifting and save your agents’ productivity for value-added processes.

Let Call Center Studio analyze your data

At CCS, we aim to leverage data and technology to the finest, creating a perfect harmony between the human touch and AI.

And as a result of being the first cloud-native call center software on Google, you can say we breathe data! Thus, we offer our customers perfect call center software with tons of features and benefits to provide them with unique and valuable insight!

To unleash the power data analytics will provide your operations with, get in touch with CCS today!