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Utilize Our Next-Gen Dialers Transform Even The Smallest Team into a Greater Force

Empower your team with the best of dialers that will maximize your outbound call center operations.

Fulfill your KPIs, increase your sales, and conduct seamless customer surveys all while using our easy to deploy dialers.

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Predictive Dialer

Utilize unique forecasting capabilities to optimize your agents’ efficiency.

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Power Dialer

Prioritize customer experience while reducing your agents' downtime.


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IVR Dialer

Conduct agentless calls and leverage your agents’ talents in value-added processes.

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Progressive Dialing

Avoid abandoned calls by enabling one call per agent as soon as they are free.

What does having Call Center Studio
as a solution partner look like?

Free Consultancy

We have your back at each and every stage. Thus, we offer free consultancy to help you pick the perfect dialer flow for your industry. Get in touch with us and set the standards for your industry.

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At CCS, we address your unique needs. Customize your dial rate, dial plans, and duration between attempts according to your operational needs, operate at maximum efficiency while making sure you reach every single contact.

Agentless Campaigns

We make sure to offer futureproof solutions. Conduct automated surveys, make announcements, create reminders… Leverage technology and program in full IVR automation with prompts and multi-layered scripts.

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Cloud FCT

The sky is our limit and the cloud is our home. Say goodbye to costly investments and bulky infrastructures for traditional FCT. Use software-based cloud FCT, pay only for what you use, and save thousands in costs.

What happens when you don't have a dialer?

Manual outbound operations have lots, and we mean lots, of cons.
Here are just some of the things that you’d need to keep an eye out for during your operations:

Sorry, Wrong Number

Err is human. But, why waste your agents’ time on misdialed calls when features like auto-dialing can automate the entire process?

Free Your Agents of The Ringtone

Misdialed calls, long rings, and answering machines are huge time consumers. Free your agents by connecting only picked-up calls to them, keep their efficiency and motivation at a high.

Operational Costs

It’s hard to maintain cost-efficiency with manual outbound processes. Use fewer resources, time, and money to reach more customers while reducing your workload with automated dialer tools.

Data Management

Manually pulling data from your call list and keeping track of it can be a hassle. With CCS, you can simply upload your list and leave managing data to our dialer tools making sure you don’t miss a contact.

Case Studies

Better Results at Debt Collection with Call Center Studio

For law firms, communication with customers is crucial to their business because of the sensitivity of the issues discussed.

24x Better Sales Performance at Volvo

Learn more about how Volvo and Call Center Studio came together to build the most efficient sales lead tracking solution in the most challenging automotive industry.