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Home | Contact Center Best Practices | 4 Ways To Improve Contact Center Customer Experience
Home | Contact Center Best Practices | 4 Ways To Improve Contact Center Customer Experience

4 Ways To Improve Contact Center Customer Experience

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How to improve call center customer experience

Over the years, the need for businesses to continually improve call center customer experience to meet up with the dynamism of customers has increased.

With digitalization, call centers have evolved from a system that only makes and answers calls to a 360 experience center that understands, knows, and delivers value to the customer.

So, how can call centers keep up with the changes in customer demand and technological advancements?

How to deliver better call center customer experience

  • Be Always Accessible To Customers
  • Motivate Your Customer Representatives
  • Leverage the Power of Artificial Intelligence
  • Compete

Be Always Accessible To Customers

Your customers should be able to reach you whenever they need, regardless of “where” and “when.” 

Having a single communication channel based on phone calls affects your customer experience. Your customers are on social media, so where are you? call center customer experience

According to the survey, 67% of customers use companies’ social media accounts for customer service needs.

If your customers prefer to contact you on social media, why would you force them to call? Equip your call center with social media integrations such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to provide them with the ease of reaching out to you.

Motivate Your Customer Representatives

Why is motivation so important? Customer representatives are the first to contact your customers. 

According to a Gallup report, globally, 13 to 16% of the workforce is actively disengaged at work. And another 70% is pushing the line to become actively disengaged, too.

better call center customer experienceA disengaged employee usually doesn’t enjoy their work, and as a result, does the bare minimum, doesn’t put in extra effort, and is highly unlikely to market the company to others.

If you can give your representatives the freedom to be themselves, you can build deeper and longer-lasting relationships with customers.

Leverage the Power of Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, artificial intelligence, a frequently used concept, has changed call centers in many sectors.

Contact center Artificial Intelligence

In the situation of an e-commerce platform like eBay, when contact center agents get a request such as, “when will my order arrive?” the potential of saving more time would be high if the customer representative could see the shipment status automatically!

You can reduce your call traffic by around 60% with Chatbot, Dialogflow, and webchat tools.

An omnichannel communication solution brings all communication channels into one dashboard, providing ease in customer service management.


Companies are now leaving the price wars behind, dragging themselves into competition on customer experience. 

Today, many companies compete on customer experience and invest in this area. 

90% of companies state that they follow a customer-oriented strategy. Another 72% say that improving customer experience is their top priority. 

Where are you in this competition? 

Take advantage of the possibilities of cloud technology so as not to be left behind in the customer experience competition!

Remember, prices are temporary; happy customers are permanent! Speak to an expert to begin your exciting and rewarding journey.