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Home | Blog | New Feature: Detect Your Contact Center Agent Smiles
Home | Blog | New Feature: Detect Your Contact Center Agent Smiles

New Feature: Detect Your Contact Center Agent Smiles

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Contact center agent Smile

What if you could detect call center agent smiles, thereby assisting them in loosening up and getting in the mood of delivering customer satisfaction at all times?

What if Artificial Intelligence (AI) could turn a simple smile into a tool that would enhance efficıency for your call center operations? Hold that thought. 

As your agents continue to work from the comfort of their homes, a remote smile can do much more for your contact center operations than you can imagine.

Smiling is a phenomenon that occurs naturally for some people, while for others, it requires some stimulus to get them cracking with the best mood uplifting gift to the human face.

“How often should I smile?” Perhaps, the question should be, “how much stress do I want to relieve myself off?”

It is proven medically that a simple smile eases stress and pain and improves endurance, which is a valuable benefit to your call center agents.

One of the best-known facts about smiling is its contagiousness – a simple natural smile can transcend through conversations, thereby creating an engaging atmosphere for your customers or hot leads.

Is this a stretch? Not at all. And it is why Call Center Studio’s AI team has developed a new “Smile” feature to get your agents relaxed while closing deals and delivering heartwarming customer experiences. 

Detect Contact Center Agent Smiles

Our team has developed an artificial intelligence-supported smile tool to remind your agents always to wear a smile. 

The Smile tool is a screen that measures how long and well your agents are smiling and turns off automatically when it makes sure they are smiling gracefully.

You can enable it whenever you enter the agent screen or use it to improve your smile game or perhaps test your newly found smile.

Do you need help from an AI to smile?

Are you one of those who say do my agents need help to smile? It should be a basic requırement for call center agents.

You do have a point. However, some applications remind you always to drink water not to miss the vital need to stay hydrated. Smile is also a critical call center feature that contributes to the success of your operations.

Our smile support system does not store any information, data, or images. 

Would you like to see how this works? Feel free to book a quick chat session.