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Home | Contact Center Best Practices | Contact Center Problems and Solutions…Avoid Them!

Contact Center Problems and Solutions…Avoid Them!

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issues and problems in call centers

Businesses often have call center problems. However, what matters is resolving them in the most effective way.

Problems could range from management to software and agents. Failure to deal with them could lead to a drop in customer, agent experiences, and loss of customer base.

Relatively, contact centers face numerous challenges.  We have highlighted contact center problems and solutions to help you run your operations hitch-free.

Common Contact Center Problems and solutions

  • The caller couldn’t connect with an agent

  • The customer’s call wasn’t answered

  • Lack of support when needed

  • Can’t get real-time metrics and report

  • Can’t scale up/down

  • Low customer satisfaction

  • Working with too many tools

  • Agents can’t work remotely

1) The caller couldn’t connect with an agent and wasn’t contacted

Solution: Queue Callback 

One of the numerous call and contact center problems is often associated with an agent’s unavailability to answer calls. This could be discouraging to callers.

Call back solutions like the Queue callback feature give callers the option of requesting a callback rather than waiting for an agent to be available or continuing to call without any response. 

Also, even if the caller doesn’t choose and their call is disconnected, we can include them in the Callback campaign.

Queue callback is an advanced feature that informs the customer that the business cares about their time and is a top priority.

Customers get the assurance that your business is concerned about them.

Looking for the best call center solutions partner who takes away the headaches of scalability & reoccuring license fees? Consider talking to people who listen and walk side-by-side with you to achieve success. 

2) Agent didn’t answer customer’s call

Solution: Activate “Not Answering Status”¬†

When customers reach out via telephone or chat to resolve a challenge or make inquiries, agents may not be readily available to answer their calls due to peak hours. 

When this happens, your software activates the “not answering status” feature for the agent.

This prevents future calls from being routed to that agent, and callers won’t have to wait in a queue to speak to someone who isn’t there.

3) Lack of support when needed

Solution: 24/7 support and a dedicated Project Manager 

Solving call center problems

Lack of customer support is one of the typical issues and problems in call centers.

Building a superior product is excellent, but it is a better asset to have fantastic customer support.

Software providers are usually obsessed with making their application innovative and relevant to consumers while neglecting to invest in a supportive culture. 

It gets frustrating whenever a business needs help with minor issues and can’t reach a software provider’s support team. Worse off is when the software is quite complicated.

With our 24/7 support, you can always reach out to our team to help with the necessary clarifications. We provide a dedicated manager to guide and work with your team.

4) Can’t get real-time metrics and report

Solution: Google BI and Analytics

Contact center real time metrics and report

Data helps a business make informed decisions. Metrics such as first-time resolution rate per agent, satisfaction rating, average call time, abandoned call rate, campaign success, and dropout rates are essential to understanding your contact center’s operations level.

With built-in Google BI & Analytics, you get real-time monitoring, contact history, and graphical custom reporting for fast insight into your team’s performance. KPIs and quality metrics are displayed in real-time and kept for as long as you need.

You can also access the performance of your IVRs to identify potential challenges such as call abandonment rate or drill down into specific branches of call flows. 

On top of all of the reporting features mentioned above, Call Center Studio users benefit from the Data Studio integration that provides a fully customizable live report that can be shared periodically with the management.

5) Can’t scale up/down¬†

Solution: Add, Deactivate users with ease

Organizations are bound to have peak periods with increased call volumes and times when it is low. At peak periods such as sales week, holidays, Black Friday, Valentine’s day, and even worse, unprecedented events; there is usually the need to employ more agents to match requests,¬†

Adding agents is an easy process. You can increase the number of agents to any required number, specifying the queue and the dialplan for each. It is quick and straightforward.

Agents added during peak periods become redundant when call volume reduces.¬† Deactivating users is an easy process. If users aren’t active, Call Center Studio stores them on the platform at no extra cost.

6) Low Customer Satisfaction

Solution: AI-Powered IVR

Improving low service levels in call centers

According to the SQM group, 28 percent of customers don’t resolve their inquiries on the first call.¬†

“Customer satisfaction drops, on average, 15% every time a customer has to contact an organization again, to resolve their initial inquiry. In other words, if a customer had to contact an organization three times to get their inquiry resolved, their Customer satisfaction is 30% lower on average than a customer who had their initial inquiry resolved on the first contact.”

You probably won’t hear from your most dissatisfied customers; they will leave and never return, which is worse.¬†

With AI-powered IVR, your increase your First-Time-Resolution rate. In industries with repetitive tasks such as cargo companies, fast food chains, etc., who are usually contacted by customers to know the status of their packages or orders respectively, AI-powered IVR takes care of this, thereby eliminating time-consuming tasks.

Agents have more time to focus on cases that require the human touch. 

7. Working with too many tools

Solution: Public API for Quick Integration

Some call center software requires agents to use different tools to manage their operations rather than a single application that allows a seamless transition from one application to another. 

Working with multiple and outdated tools slows down the process of delivering customer satisfaction.

Integrations increase your business’s productivity, reduce wasted time due to manual processes and IT resources, and help you scale for future growth.

Call Center Studio has many built-in integrations, including most popular applications such as SAP, Salesforce, Zoho, MS Dynamics, Ingenico, WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, and Webchats.

8. Agents can’t work remotely

Solution: Complete cloud solution with enhanced Work-from-home features

With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting businesses globally, remote work-enabled solutions are more necessary today than ever.  

With a complete cloud solution, your agents can connect to your contact center service from anywhere while maintaining an efficient and personalized customer service delivery. 

Call center studio’s cloud infrastructure features WebRTC and provides a complete agent interface on any smart and internet-accessible device.¬†

It extends your contact center’s functionality with a single browser interface that works as a phone without plug-ins.¬†

With our telephony infrastructure (softphone), you are not locked into any expensive hardware system.  Agents can work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Having your agents deal with numerous call center issues daily, affects the performance of your operations. Let’s have a quick chat to discuss how we can help solve the challenges of your operations.