Build the perfect ıVR
Never Lose another caller

The perfect IVR is what will help your agents save time on their calls. It is how you can offer your customers the best call center experience and how your business will ensure efficiency throughout operations.

And, at Call Center Studio, your comprehensive contact center solution provider, we have just the IVRS packed with features you need for your contact center to thrive!

Touch Tones IVR

Help your callers
navigate themselves
through the IVR menu
via number combinations
that will serve their
desired intent.

Speech/Voice Recognition IVR

Allow your callers to speak in
30+ languages in response
to a prompt, leading to a better customer experience.

AI-Powered IVR

Free your callers from
frustration of menu
navigation and leverage
AI to enable speech-based

What does having Call Center Studio
as a solution partner look like?

24/7 at Your Service

At Call Center Studio, we cherish customer satisfaction. Therefore, our dedicated support team will be on call to help you offer your customers the best contact center experience.

Free Consultancy

We have your back in each and every step. Thus, we offer free consultancy to help you build the best IVRS for your industry. Get in touch with us and set the standards for your industry.

Self-Service Made Easy

We enable offering the best customer journey. Implement self-service IVR functions for most common requests like order and cargo tracking and save time while increasing customer satisfaction.

Easy Integration

We support quick integration and easy deployment. Integrate your IVR to payment gateways and your CRM for a multi-channel customer experience. Easily retrieve historical data and streamline your customers’ journey!


Whatever your scale or industry is, we got just the niche solution for you. From flexible flows to personalized welcome messages, we offer tech with a human touch for you to enjoy the ease of IVR customization!

Case Studies

Major Home and Appliances

A multinational home and professional appliances manufacturing company had an incoming traffic of requests on installation.

Fashion e-Commerce Portal

The customer was concerned about the budget needed to increase their Service Levels, as more agents were required to face the intense traffic on the call center.