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Migrating Your Call Center Agents

[Webinar] Work-From-Home: Migrating Your Call Center Agents

Globally, businesses are being mandated to implement a work-from-home measure for their call center agents due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this Call Center Webinar, we discuss the work-from-home culture for call center operations and its effects on agents.

Leading the line in proffering technical solutions that will aid businesses to carry out their operations remotely, Call Center Studio hosted a webinar on “Migrating Your Call Center to work-from-home” with Cenk Soyak, the CEO of Call Center Studio.

Key issues discussed in the webinar were:

  1. Remote-work, home-office, home- agents are the terms that have been around for a long time. How are we forced today to migrate to such working conditions?
  2. The importance of Contact Center operations and the factor of agent psychology
  3. The typical steps and timeframe for migration
  4. The long-term implications and precautions.

There were over 80 registrants. If you missed it, catch up on the webinar here:

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