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Home | Contact Center Optimization | How Does Auto Dialer Work? Maximize Outreach with Innovative Auto Dialers
Home | Contact Center Optimization | How Does Auto Dialer Work? Maximize Outreach with Innovative Auto Dialers

How Does Auto Dialer Work? Maximize Outreach with Innovative Auto Dialers

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How Does Auto Dialer Work? Maximize Outreach with Innovative Auto Dialers

Auto-dialing software is familiar because we’ve always had it on handheld devices. The software allows you to press only one button to call someone. This introduces convenience by scaping manual dialing and speeding it up instead. An auto dialer for alarm systems may be helpful during emergencies. 

Contact Centers can benefit from auto dialing in many ways. This piece explores auto dialer software for call center advantages that maximize outreach. 

Reading this piece should enlighten you to use cloud call center software with an auto dialer. A great place to seek this service is Call Center Studio (we’ll explain why later).

Ready to learn?

Let’s start from the top, uncovering how one works.

How Does a Dialer Work? 

The mechanism of an auto dialer is simple. It begins with a contact list, and the algorithm automatically dials one number after another. The auto dialing software links callers to live agents or plays pre-recorded audio. If the call drops, it moves to the following number, marking the previous call as unsuccessful. 

Your contact center can use an auto dialer for:

  • Marketing campaigns.
  • Call-backs.
  • Appointment reminders.
  • Customer surveys.

The three types of automatic dialers are predictive, preview, and power.

Predictive makes calls using a pre-determined customer list. This boosts efficiency, agent productivity, and call volume. Conversely, it may lead to call drops if agents are busy.

A preview dialer requires agents’ permission before making the call. This dialer type promotes call personalization and improves call quality, giving agents better control. The downsides are that it’s slower and can lower agent productivity through manual input.

The last is the power dialer. This one calls every number on the list and directs the responders to the agents. The dialer automatically dials a new number immediately after the agent ends a call. This one provides consistency, efficiency, and control. But it can reduce call volumes and increase costs.


Are Auto Dialers Illegal


Are Auto Dialers Illegal? 

Auto dialers aren’t illegal. However, they become illegal if you breach call restrictions or if there isn’t consent! Here is why:

International Regulations

Regulatory bodies in multiple states have acts in place that govern auto-dialing use. The American Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) governs its usage on American soil and airways. It lists that an American company can use it for telemarketing and sending pre-recorded messages.

But there is a catch!

  • You must obtain consent from the caller. Most contact centers obtain this consent using checkboxes or written consent. Here, the client checks the box to agree to receive auto-dialed marketing calls. You can also ask for verbal consent at the beginning of a live interaction. The final way is using pre-recorded messaging disclosing auto-dialing with opt-in and opt-out options.

Over the past few years, governments and regulatory bodies have made a few amendments. In one case, your contact centers may use it without consent for non-marketing issues. You may use it on specific polls and informational messages.

Despite these exceptions, the conclusive legality is still a grey area under scrutiny. So, please confirm any law changes and comply to use it legally.

How Much Is an Auto Dialer? 

Auto dialer prices vary based on the following:

  • Features like call recording, predictive dialing, and integration with CRM systems.
  • Pricing models like per-month, per-user, or one-time payments.

Cloud call center software prices may be low-end, starting at $25 monthly. Such software is usually the best auto dialer for small businesses. 

Mid-range software costs range from around $40 to around $70 monthly. 

Finally, high-end auto dialers cost over $90 monthly. These are ideal for large enterprises with a significant client and agent base.


What Is the Best Auto Dialer Software


What Is the Best Auto Dialer Software?

Since auto dialer software comes in varying sizes and prices, selecting the best is essential. 

How do you select the best?

Here are three questions to answer when determining the best.

What Is Your Contact Center’s Workforce?

Are you a small team or one with many agents? Are all agents using the feature or not?

The answers to these queries help businesses narrow down one that meets their needs. A feature-rich, scalable, high-end dialer might suffice if all agents use the feature. A simple dialer works if it’s only for one or two agents.

What’s Your Budget?

Select an automatic dialer based on your budget. Start by thoroughly searching for the best auto dialer software within that range. List each brand’s features, support, scalability, and integration capabilities. Also, be on the lookout for bundled packaging. These save you money while onboarding extra services.

Choose whoever emerges on top of that list.

Free Trials?

If cloud call center software offers automatic dialing on a free trial plan, go for it. Free trials are a hands-on experimental usage of the system. This trial period helps you see if the software meets your needs before fully committing.

How Does Call Center Studio Auto Dialer Fit the Bill?

As promised, here is why Call Center Studio’s automatic dialer might be sufficient:

  • It helps your center tend to more clients by decreasing waiting times.
  • It reduces workload by shortening the time taken to make calls.
  • It is a feature-rich dialer with fast installation and intelligent call routing.
  • It is cost-effective to use because of the pay-as-you-go pricing model.
  • It’s a predictive auto dialer that boosts agent productivity, efficiency, and call volume.
  • It’s named one of the best by GetApp.

Get the Best Auto Dialer Software for Call Center

You now understand how an auto dialer can help your business expand. With the increased agent productivity, expect higher key performance metrics like customer satisfaction. Also, expect higher call volumes and streamlined contact center processes.

You also know what cloud call center software to use: Call Studio Center!

This predictive auto dialer is affordable and easy to implement for big and small businesses. Contact Call Center Studio and request a demo to try it out.