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Home | Blog | 32.4% Of Employees Are Working from Home – The Bedroom
Home | Blog | 32.4% Of Employees Are Working from Home – The Bedroom

32.4% Of Employees Are Working from Home – The Bedroom

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Home | Blog | 32.4% Of Employees Are Working from Home – The Bedroom

Last week, we surveyed how employees and top-level management were adapting to the new normal of working from home. Data showed that the bedroom had become the new home office. 

45.9% had repurposed their living rooms into a home office, while 32.4% resumed from the bedroom. Garage/Dedicated Office Space 16.6% and The Kitchen 5%. Three hundred respondents participated in the survey.

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Customer Service Request Surge

Working from home has become more crucial for businesses as the world battles with the Covid-19 pandemic. 

With a vaccine not likely to be available until Summer/Fall 2021, it’s paramount for businesses to adapt to the new way of operation to maintain safety, productivity, and excellence in dealing with customer requests.

Customer requests which were at an all-time high across various sectors – grocery delivery, remote work and learning platforms, retail, eCommerce, and gaming – in April/Mid-May have plummeted as countries ease the lockdown.

Request numbers are still up an average of 48 percent for the sectors.

Among top impacted sectors, grocery delivery currently has the highest increase in tickets since the crisis began at 85 percent, followed by gaming (43 percent), remote work and learning platforms (40 percent), and e-commerce (37 percent). 

Customers have turned to WhatsApp for contacting customer service, with a 148% global increase since late February 2020 – an indication that businesses need to make WhatsApp Business an integral part of their customer service delivery strategy. 

Where are you on your business year financial projections?

Call center home office frustration

The year 2020 appears to be running quite fast, leaving businesses concerned with the progress made on the year’s projections.

At Call center studio, we have continued to help businesses implement a seamless transmission to a work-from-home model.