Call Center Studio & Google Migrate Call Centers to Remote Work Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

Manchester, UK – March 19th, 2020 – Call Center Studio, the first and only call center platform running on Google’s App Engine, announced the Google-backed funding program to fight the COVID-19 threat today. Funding for 200-1000 seat range operations will be offered for a limited period to all purchasers of Call Center Studio, allowing agents to work from home.

Within the last five days, 35 companies encompassing 3000 call center agents have been able to work from home. The Company estimates that by the start of next week, 30 more companies will migrate with a total at-home-user estimate of 6,500 agents.

The Company has also offered to provide free support to healthcare institutions battling the COVID-19 virus. For all healthcare call centers that purchase its services, the first three months of service will be free of charge.

For call centers considering migrating to the home-office model immediately,

  1. Set up a call center anywhere in the world in less than 10 minutes.
  2. Replicate IVR and Existing announcements with Google’s “Wavenet” technology within minutes.
  3. Integrate with 3rd party applications quickly and easily with public API.
  4. Remote Android phone utilization with WebRTC requiring minimal bandwidth and hardware.

Global brands and major call center outsourcing companies are moving their operations to home-based agents; the Company enables them to provide uninterrupted customer service while ensuring the safety of their employees.

About Call Center Studio:

Award-winning Call Center Studio is the world’s first call center software powered by Google. It is 100% cloud-born (unlike many existing PBX-based systems), can be used to set up a call center anywhere in the world in 10 minutes, and leverages all the latest Google Cloud features natively. It also includes Google’s three-layer active hot standby capacity, near-unlimited scalability, native WebRTC with a Chrome browser, and the latest Google Dialogflow with AI capabilities. Customers include FedEx, eBay, Dominos, PepsiCo, KPMG, Little Caesars, L’Oreal, Dyson, Toshiba, Deloitte, and thousands of more users. Headquarters are in Austin, TX.

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