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How Call Center Studio Supports
the Law and Collection Industry

For Law and Collection industry businesses, customer service is key. It can be a challenging feat to keep a positive customer service spin on collections. Especially when agents have the tough job of collecting money from debtors.

Call Center Studio creates a reliable, high-performance environment for your agents.
This allows them to be more productive and communicate better with customers.

Debt collection is never easy, but the right call center can help.

Cloud FCT

Call pickup rates are a challenge for collection agencies, but Cloud FCT helps to increase that ratio significantly.

Use multiple mobile phone numbers when calling your customers, which means more customers will pick up the call rather than assuming it is spam.

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CRM Integrations
For Reporting

Connect information in reports to CRM data, such as the number of calls made, the percentage of successful collections, the hours of the day you have higher ratios and more.

Analyze this information to make adjustments and improve performance. First measure, then improve!

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Law And Collection Firms
Who Work With Call Center Studio

Automatic Call Management

Make calls to your customers and keep a close eye on operations. Integrate a softphone into your CRM software and make Click to Call calls with a single click.

Predictive Dialer

Boost your collection rate with a smart predictive dialer. It will help agents connect more calls and succeed at their campaigns.

Integrate With Credit Management Software

Agents can see customer info on their screen during each call. Customers can also transfer information via the self-service IVR function. This makes each call more personal and effective.

Using Different Numbers for Outbound Calls

Pick-up rates are a major challenge for debt collection companies. Call your customers with a different number every time to improve pick-up rates.

Advanced Reporting Options

Create customized reports to view your most important KPIs. See all the important information on a beautiful and convenient dashboard.

Smart IVR and Virtual POS Transactions

Give your customers a fast and secure payment option. With the Iyzico integration they can make payments over the phone.

Call Center Studio Success Stories

Success Story

Better Results at Debt Collection with Call Center Studio

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Better Results at Debt Collection
with Call Center Studio

For law firms, communication with customers is crucial to their business because of the sensitivity of the issues discussed. Learn more about how Call Center Studio collaborated with a law firm to build the safest, smoothest and most problem-free call center. The firm saw their revenue go up by 35% in some segments.