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Home | Call Center Software – In The Cloud – Affordable – Ten Minute Setup

Full List of Features & Benefits
Cloud Call Center Software

The following are the enterprise-grade call center features of Call Center Studio and how they will benefit you once you start using the world’s first Google powered call center software.

Organized into categories so you’ll find what you need!

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Automatic Call Distribution – ACD

Skills-Based Routing

Routes to the best fit agent in your call center based on their skills so your customer gets the best support available.

Voicemail Routing

Allows customers to leave voicemails when necessary. These recordings can be shared with third party integrations to generate tickets or notes.

Priority Routing

Enables easy-to-use queue management so callers are not stuck on the queues for a long period of time.

Time-Of-Day and Geo-Routing

Enables leveling agents for specific queues within your call center so you do not make your customers wait due to unavailability.

Bullseye Routing

Customers who have left their phone numbers on your website are directed to agents to enable them to respond to all customers on the same platform.

Web Callback

Customers who have left their phone numbers on your website are directed to agents to enable them to respond to all customers on the same platform.

Queue Callbacks

Gives the caller who has waited in the queue the option to get a callback after a specific time₺ instead of continuing to wait in the queue.

Context for Call & Customer Journey

Informs your call center agent about the context and previous touchpoints of a call.

In-Queue Call Flow

Enables changing in-queue properties of a call flow, such as the hold music and announcements to give your customers a customized experience.

Interactive Voice Response – IVR For Your Call Center

Interactive Chat Response (ICR)

Configurable ICR trees allows for the customers to self select their queues and other tasks without the help of an agent through the use of their keyboards on WhatsApp or chat.

IVR Script Designer

Enables defining the greeting, prompts, menus, and self-service inputs presented to customers who contact your business by phone.


Enables converting text into vocal speech so you can personalize your voicemails or create IVR prompts without any recording needed.

ASR Languages

Allows your customers to speak their responses and navigation. Includes built-in Google Speech’s speech-to-text and text-to-speech on all languages supported by Google.

Dependency Tracking

Allows elements dependent on each other in a configuration to be seen when making changes to prevent making crucial errors.

Inbound & Outbound Call Flow

Both inbound call flows and outbound campaign and dialing flows can be customized via a drop-down menu.

CRM Lookup

Informs the agent about the context and previous touchpoints of a call.

Call Center Infrastructure

Long-Term Cloud Storage

All of your data is stored on the Cloud so you do not have to pay for hardware and its maintenance.

100% on Cloud

Our platform is 100% on the Cloud, no setup, download or installation needed, allowing for the quickest deployment time, at ~10 minutes, in the sector.

HTML 5 Platform

Our call center software operating on HTML 5 platform allows for easy access whether on desktop or mobile.


Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) allows agents to make their calls without needing any physical telephone setup, using only the browser on their computers.

Secure FTP

Provides the option to secure FTP for any file transfer operation to or from the software, securing your and your customers’ information.

Secure RTP

Secure real-time transport protocol provides strong encryption for your agents’ VoIP communications.


Uses any direct dial number and phone to establish a connection and deliver calls to your agents.


Designed to mitigate major service disruptions by allowing access to data-centers in separate geographic locations.

Media Gateway Option

A network device that enables an inexpensive VoIP connection to your agents’ desk phones and provides a higher level of security because it can be located outside of the firewall.

Call Center Reporting

Contact Center Dashboard

Allows supervisors to oversee on all-in-one dashboard so they can manage their team effectively.

Performance Views

Real-time and historical Key Performance Indicators allows supervisors to track the call center’s efficiency, queue and agent performance as well as other metrics.

Real-Time Reports

Other than historical reports, supervisors can also see real-time data so they can take immediate action if needed.

Scheduled Reports

Enables scheduling periodic reports so that the reports can be ready when you need them.

Wrap-up Codes Reports

Displays the wrap-up codes that agents used for interactions in one or more queues during a specific date and time range.

Canned Reports

Provides access to a limited set of reports without the ability to create, modify, “save as” or schedule reports.

Multichannel Reports

Gives access to a multitude of report types for channels other than voice, such as webchat, Whatsapp etc.

Historical Reports

Allows access to all previous reports for comparisons and to measure progress.

Interaction Details Reports

Allows access to the details of an interaction if needed.

Agent Availability Reports

Measures agent availability whether real-time or historical

Outbound Reports

Generates reports concerning outbound campaigns and dials.

Custom Reports

Allows for further customization of reporting criteria. Even more advanced reports can be built-in Data Studio through native integration.


Interaction Recording

Records the details of an interaction between the customer and the agent.

Call Recording

Records all of your calls for training and security purposes to ensure maximum level of customer satisfaction.

SMS Recording

Systems supports and records outbound SMS to inform the caller about call details, tickets created and other requested information.

Web Chat Recording

Enables recording web chats so you can manage customer experience.

Double Channel Recording

Records the caller and the agent on separate channels to facilitate speech analytics.

Audit Trail

Enables recording security-relevant sequence of activities so you can keep everything under control.

Permission-Based Playback

Enables managing privacy rules for listening call records so you can set rules according to your company’s hierarchy.

Secure Pause

Masks the confidential calling information from the agent to maintain security.


Chat Scripts

Enables pre-set messages to handle certain interactions so you can relieve your agent’s workload.

Script Templates

Provides you with script templates to help you build new ones.

Inbound & Outbound Call Support

Helps and guides the agent communicating with the customer to increase customer satisfaction and standardize interactions.

Call Center – Outbound Dialing

Number Masking

Anonymizes voice calls and protects you and your customers, keeping personal numbers safe.

Agentless / Auto Messaging

Enables conducting agentless outbound campaigns to free your agents’ time for focusing on other work

Answering Machine Detection

Detects answering machine on the other side when making outbound calls, increasing your campaign efficiency.

Scheduled Callback

Allows the agent to setup an automatic call-back.

Multiple Dialing Modes

Dial multiple numbers per agent according to the pick-up rate, or reduce abandonment by dialing one contact for each available agent. Many dialing modes help you pick the one most suitable for your operations.

Inbound/Outbound Blending

Agents can participate in both inbound and outbound calls on one screen so they do not have to change tabs or systems. Encourages agents to make outbound calls when inbound calls are slow.

Wrap-up Codes

Agents can choose one of the wrap-up codes after a call is concluded allowing for standardized reporting and analytics, also freeing up valuable time of the agents.

Call Center – Outbound Campaigns

SMS Outbound

Systems supports outbound SMS to inform the caller about call details, tickets created and other requested information.

Contact List Management

Allows users with the proper authorization to view and edit contact lists.

Call List Filtering

Filters the call list based on any contact field.

Pacing Control and Overrides