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Security in Cloud systems

How is Security Provided in Cloud Systems?

Cloud systems can be described as one of the greatest blessings of technology. The security of cloud systems that provide instant access to desired data anywhere globally -without the need for data storage on local devices has always been a matter of curiosity. So how is cloud security provided?

Cloud systems are vital data centers where data is accessed remotely in a digital environment. Both the software and physical security of these areas are among the critical details.

First of all, we need to talk about physical security studies.

Data centers have physically essential security measures. Alarms are protected by crucial equipment such as metal detectors and security cameras that record continuously. Under high-resolution camera supervision, the data center’s internal and external areas can be monitored where it is needed. In addition to hardware security solutions, personnel-based security concerns are also being used in data centers.

When data is entered into Cloud systems, it is divided into several parts and stored as separate encrypted pieces.

The EU GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulations) is essential in providing these protection systems. Suppose companies fail to comply with these regulations. In that case, they may have to pay high penalties for failing because of not keeping company records regularly (article 28), not notifying the auditing institution and subject to a violation, and not evaluating the impact assessment. It should be noted that these rules apply to both auditors and operators. Cloud systems are not exempt from GDPR. For this reason, full compliance with the regulations is required, and Call Center Studio fully fulfills these regulations.

Google’s essential data security infrastructure provides Software-based data security. The Cloud Logging and Cloud Monitoring tools from Google Cloud Platform enable you to create customized security measures with data collection, system registry tracking, and infrastructure control capabilities. Google data is secured with 2048-bit SSL.

Regular Network and Firewall Maintenance

By default, no packages are transferred to virtual machines that do not comply with firewall rules. To allow incoming traffic, you need to configure the firewall, which will enable connections. This approach is a highly critical step in the safe management of systems. Security is one of the necessary conditions for companies that carry call center services to the cloud, are provided with the highest level of measures in our cloud services. Ensuring the security needs of the companies that use our services is among the details we care about most.

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