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Home | Contact Center Metrics | How is Security Provided in Cloud Systems?

How is Security Provided in Cloud Systems?

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Security in Cloud systems

Cloud systems provide instant access to data globally without storage on local devices, making them one of technology’s greatest blessings.

However, with this convenience comes the ever-present question of security. Cloud systems are vital data centers that require both software and physical security to ensure data accessibility and protection.

Let’s explore the details of cloud security and the measures you can take to ensure security.

Table of Contents

  • What is cloud security?
  • Why is cloud security important?
  • How does cloud security work?
  • Some main practices for cloud security

What is cloud security?

Cloud security involves a multifaceted set of practices and cutting-edge technologies. It safeguards cloud-based systems, data, and infrastructure from activities such as:

  • Unauthorized access 
  • Theft
  • Attack 

It employs a complex array of measures, including:

  • Advanced encryption protocols
  • Robust access control mechanisms
  • Dynamic threat detection and response capabilities

Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data stored and processed is paramount through cloud security.

Why is cloud security important?

Critical applications and sensitive data are being stored on cloud servers at an ever-increasing rate. It is crucial to have a solid understanding of how cloud service providers are securing their infrastructure and data to ensure that everything is secure.

A cloud security breach can lead to loss of data, financial loss, and harm to people’s reputations or safety. Therefore, implementing effective cloud security is crucial to protect cloud-stored and processed data.

Cloud security lowers the risks of data breaches and cyber-attacks that could cause harm to individuals, businesses, and society. It prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data. Measures, such as encryption, firewalls, and access controls, can safeguard data during transmission.  

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How does cloud security work?

Although there isn’t just one explanation for how cloud security works, there are several key strategies and tools that you can consider:

Identity and access management (IAM)

It allows companies to control access to information. It combines multi-factor authentication and user access policies to help control 

  • who has access to applications and data, and 
  • what they can access.

Physical security

It involves measures to prevent direct access and disruption of hardware housed in the cloud provider’s data center. It includes controlling direct access with security doors, uninterrupted power supplies, alarms, fire protection, and more.


It protects data assets by encoding them when at rest and in transit. This makes the data almost impossible to decode without the authorized personnel’s decryption key.

Vulnerability and penetration testing

It is a practice that involves attacking your cloud infrastructure to identify any potential weaknesses or exploits. After identifying the vulnerabilities, you can implement solutions to patch them, and improve your security stance.

In summary, cloud security is complex and multi-layered. It requires various technologies, procedures, and best practices to protect systems, data, and infrastructure from threats.

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Some main practices for cloud security

Physical security studies

Data centers have physically essential security measures. Alarms are protected by crucial equipment such as metal detectors and security cameras that record continuously. 

Under high-resolution camera supervision, the data center’s internal and external areas can be monitored where it is needed. 

In addition to hardware security solutions, personnel-based security concerns are also being used in data centers.

Cloud data encryption

The EU GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulations) is essential in providing these protection systems. Suppose companies fail to comply with these regulations. 

In that case, they may have to pay high penalties for failing because of 

  • Not keeping company records regularly (article 28)
  • Not notifying the auditing institution and subject to a violation
  • And not evaluating the impact assessment

It should be noted that these rules apply to both auditors and operators. 

Cloud systems are not exempt from GDPR. For this reason, full compliance with the regulations is required. Call Center Studio fully fulfills these regulations.

Google’s essential data security infrastructure provides Software-based data security. Google Cloud Platform’s Cloud Logging and Cloud Monitoring tools allow for customized security measures through data collection, system registry tracking, and infrastructure control.

Google data is secured with 2048-bit SSL.

Regular network and firewall maintenance

By default, no packages are transferred to virtual machines that do not comply with firewall rules. To allow incoming traffic, you need to configure the firewall, which will enable connections. 

This approach is a highly critical step in the safe management of systems. 

User training

To ensure cloud security, it is crucial to train your users on security awareness. As the first line of defense, their knowledge and practice of security can protect your systems against cyber threats.

All users who access your systems, including staff and stakeholders, should be trained in secure cloud practices, such as:

  • Identifying phishing emails
  • Spotting malware
  • Understanding the risks of insecure practices

Shared responsibility model

It refers to the idea that both the cloud service provider and the customer have a role to play in ensuring security. 

The cloud service provider secures the cloud infrastructure, but the customer is responsible for securing their data and applications. Customers must encrypt their data, control access, and identify and address vulnerabilities.

By working together, both the cloud service provider and the customer can ensure that the cloud environment is secure.

To sum up

Cloud security is a critical aspect of modern technology that requires a multifaceted approach to safeguard sensitive data. Cloud security uses multiple methods to protect cloud-based systems, data, and infrastructure from unauthorized access, theft, and attacks.

At Call Center Studio, we prioritize the security needs of the companies that use our cloud services and ensure that they are provided with the highest level of measures. 

If you would like to learn more about our cloud services, please feel free to book a chat session with us.