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Home | Contact Center Optimization | Contact Center Salesforce Integration For Stupefying CX

Contact Center Salesforce Integration For Stupefying CX

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Salesforce integration with call center software

Salesforce integration with your contact center delivers a stupefying customer experience that improves the overall service level of your operations.

Daryl Hall and John Oates may be considered one of the greatest music duos of all time; however, when it comes to delivering a highly personalized and harmonious customer experience, no duo beats the combination of your call center software and a CRM.

Customers value personalized experiences when interacting with a call center. They want to feel like your one the only customer and expect to be treated that way.

One way of keeping up with customers’ demands is to hook your call center software to an award-winning CRM for customer engagement that gives off the feeling of a “one-customer” business.

Contact Center Salesforce integration

Your call center agents shouldn’t be robotic when engaging with customers. Salesforce integration ensures that your agents have instant access to customer details and data that provide insights for every call – all on a single screen.

Assisting with queries is more effective, as agents won’t need to put customers on hold or provide inaccurate answers due to a lack of information. Your call center delivers highly personalized service that turns customers into ambassadors.

Call Center Studio’s embedded Salesforce CTI allows agents to work on a single screen in addition to many other benefits.

  • Handle calls within Salesforce (call widget is embedded in your Salesforce interface)
  • Click-to-Call contacts in Salesforce one by one or use a Smart dialer to create a dial queue with one click.
  • Access recordings directly in Salesforce
  • Your agents get to see the caller’s details before picking up the call
  • Get contact’s details (phone number, email, location…), including the history of interactions with your contact center
  • Screen pops provide contextual information associated with a customer for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Access your call center metrics in Salesforce with automatic data synchronization

Call Center Studio’s integration with Salesforce improves your agent’s productivity, service levels, customer satisfaction scores, shortens sales cycles while easing the process of managing your agents.

Give your agents more time to focus on the work that matters. And may the force of CX be with your contact center.

Here’s a customer success story of how Call Center Studio exemplified Salesforce integration for a client who switched from a competitor