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Home | Blog | Call Center Studio X Lumenvox—The Future of Outbound
Home | Blog | Call Center Studio X Lumenvox—The Future of Outbound

Call Center Studio X Lumenvox—The Future of Outbound

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Home | Blog | Call Center Studio X Lumenvox—The Future of Outbound

Call Center Studio Integrates LumenVox Call Progress Analysis into its Software 

Partnership will revolutionize outbound call center operations worldwide 

San Diego, Calif., June 01, 2022 – Call Center Studio, a leader in multi-channel, scalable AI-powered software for call center operations, has integrated Call Progress Analysis (CPA) software from LumenVox, a leading provider of speech and voice technology. The integration will offer clients worldwide a cutting-edge call center solution to make outbound operations more cost-effective and efficient.

“We offer our clients truly scalable, cost-efficient and fully-integratable call center software,” said Idris Avci, chief technology officer at Call Center Studio. “LumenVox’s flexible, cost effective, and compatible Call Progress Analysis technology works seamlessly with Call Center Studio and ensures our clients have the best of speech-enabled solutions. We are extremely pleased with LumenVox’s outstanding project team for streamlining the entire deployment process, and we look forward to collaborating on new projects.” 

LumenVox’s CPA technology harnesses voice-activity detection algorithms that accurately detect whether the party answering an outbound call is a person or an automated machine. Based on this information, Call Center Studio clients will be able to deploy different processes for each scenario.

“Outbound operations are a vital part of contact centers,” said Edward Miller, Founder and CEO at LumenVox. “In a single day, hundreds of outbound calls can promote offers, increase sales, collect customer feedback and even raise money for charity. LumenVox supports these efforts with superior technology, automation, data-driven forecasts and well-considered processes. We are pleased to be part of the Call Center Studio solution.” 

By offering LumenVox’s CPA software in the Call Center Studio solution, clients will experience 98.6% accuracy in voice recognition to deliver complete, personalized messages, and can reduce agent idle time by 80%. Moreover, contact centers can save 30% on operation costs with lower call volumes and reduced agent handle time.

About LumenVox

LumenVox is an industry-leading provider of speech-enabling software, bringing the power of voice to more than 2,000 customers worldwide and facilitating billions of customer interactions. The LumenVox software portfolio consists of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Call Progress Analysis (CPA), Voice Biometrics, and Text-to-Speech (TTS). Designed to be highly flexible, accurate, and scalable, LumenVox helps some of the world’s largest cloud-first companies reimagine customer engagement by delivering exceptional voice experiences. For more information, please visit

About Call Center Studio

Call Center Studio offers clients cloud contact center software to ensure they’re equipped with all the tools necessary to deliver excellent customer service across multiple channels. Knowing every client is unique, we strive to deliver an individual, innovative, and affordable approach, then follow through with outstanding delivery. We pride ourselves in offering years of experience combined with the best after-sales client care—including a dedicated Customer Success team for onboarding and continued consultation, staff training, and 24/7 support—to 600+ clients and 20,000+ agents across 30+ countries.