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Home | Blog | Black Friday Shoppers: Contact Centers Record 50 million+ Minutes of Calls
Home | Blog | Black Friday Shoppers: Contact Centers Record 50 million+ Minutes of Calls

Black Friday Shoppers: Contact Centers Record 50 million+ Minutes of Calls

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Black Friday 2020 Contact Center Traffic

The 34th president of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, once said, “there are no victories at discount prices.” It would be interesting to know that Black Friday shoppers beg to differ.

According to Adobe Analytics data, Black Friday hit a new record, with consumers spending $9.0 billion, increasing 21.6% year over year. This made Black Friday 2020 the second-largest online spending day in history in the United States, behind 2019 Cyber Monday.

Contact center call minutes on Black Friday

This year’s massive discount sales day recorded 50 million+ minutes of calls from more than 6 million people reaching out to the call centers of businesses on Call Center Studio’s cloud solution.

Black Friday, Tuesday, Friday, and Thursday were the most call traffic days for call centers. In addition to reaching call centers by phone, customers also communicated through popular channels (WhatsApp and webchat) and bots. 

Contact center black Friday call hours

Black Friday’s most inbound call hours were 11:00-12: 00, 14:00-15:00, and 13:00-14:00, respectively. 

The after-dark shoppers

In Black Friday’s early hours, Contact Centers on Call Center Studio witnessed increased call traffic from the ready-to-snatch discount shoppers between 00:00 to 04:00. Online shoppers made a total of 138,310 calls.

Call centers: Black Friday inudstry growth

The sector with the most calls on Black Friday was “technology,” followed by “furniture,” and then “online grocery shopping” – which is becoming popular amongst online shoppers due to the increasing threat of COVID-19.


Black Friday 2020 trend

Companies using bots for communication met 68% of written requests with Chatbots and 3.66% of voice requests with Voicebots. This way, companies achieved cost savings between 15% and 56% in operational expenses.

3.094.507 minutes were spent on WhatsApp and Webchat, with 41% of chats on WhatsApp. 

Calls made on Call Center Studio were from 5 continents, 48 ​​countries, and 19 different languages.

Contact center black friday calls in different countries

Check out a customer success story from last year’s Black Friday. Do you have any questions about your contact center operations? Have a quick chat.