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Provided Solutions In The
Transportation Sector

Call Center Studio with the path to the driver and passengers at all hours of the day can provide instant information about the status of the city during the journey prior to the trip or any road condition information.

One of the most curious subjects of a consumer
is the question "Where is my cargo?"

You can design the most appropriate workflow with Call Center Studio to satisfy
your customers who are trying to reach your company in many ways to get the answer.

Demonstration of contact center operations software with a happy customer and call button.

Follow Your
Customer Satisfaction

Call Center Studio after a search with the Customer Satisfaction Survey for the evaluation of the SMS will be sent automatically, or you can initiate a call to you. You can display the details of our reporting satisfaction survey screens, and according to this data, you can improve your operation

Create Montages

Call Center Studio telephone infrastructure, mobile application and enables you to give your customers with self service 7/24 service on your web site. Quick and effective communication, while providing solutions to problems you can reduce the workload of the call center.

The self-serving fiction, thanks to the brand can increase your value by improving the customer experience that can strengthen the sense of belonging to your company and your customers.

Self Service

Reach Your Customers Through
Different Channels Of Communication

Call Center Studio to your customers with your representatives by phone, web chat, chat Telegram chat or you can reach through WhatsApp. Your representatives requests from different channels on one screen can manage. Thus, by making the working environment comfortable responding quickly to your requests when their representatives, you can keep your motivation high.

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How to reduce turnover rate in contact centers

Work Remotely

Call Center Studio call with your flow, your IVR and voicemail settings and greeting your friends with your new team, you can do easily remotely definitions. Now your work from anywhere, from any device, you can manage with minimal effort. So your whole team can offer you the opportunity to work in environments in which you feel most comfortable with.

With The Integration
Increase Your Quality
Of Service

Call Center Studio, cloud-based CRM offers integration with many works. Whether tracking the final status of a request, whether it is a solution or offering a package is to make all your customer data through a single interface to access.

Call Center Studio, CRM, website, sales and service system between data points, you can draw a complete picture by combining all of your customer. If you require a custom integration for your organization, you can easily open an API integration with your platform, you can customize Call Center Studio.


Here are the features
CallCenterStudio has to offer

Call Recording

Listening to phone calls, identify coaching opportunities.

Multi-Channel Communication

To meet the demands of your customers over all communication channels in one screen and view your reports in all channels in a continuous manner.

A High Service Level

Redundant and scalable infrastructure to reach a high level of Service.

WhatsApp Business Integration

More than 1.5 billion active users in more than 180 countries with WhatsApp feature WhatsApp enterprise solutions for business offering with the integration of your business, your customers get the channels they want.

IVR Dialer

Satisfaction surveys,informational announcements, and efficient customer searches for your campaigns without a representative.

Performance Management

Keep track of the performance of field sales teams


Special occasions, seasonal, such as support outsourcing needs-sourced software to manage their billing and customer representative Call Center Studio with flexibility to increase or decrease.

VIP customer hotline

Manage your customers with VIP code or a phone number or segmentasyion with the web service.

Multi-Location Management

Gather your operations at different locations under one roof. For each define separate numbers on one screen, you can edit scenarios.

FCT Cloud

Use it as your software call center integrated with GSM lines.

Opportunity Tracking

Analyze the data on the phone is engaged in sales operations

Advanced Analytics

Customized reports, dashboard and wallboard call centre development at all points identify your options.

Quick installation structure, and integration, expert staff is always solution-oriented support we can get, understandably, have an appropriate reporting system to the needs of the face and Dec net, Call Center Studio to us to pick the ones that were were

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Cloud Migration & Salesforce Integration

One Color White SVG Call Center Studio

eBay Subsidiary - Cloud Migration & Salesforce Integration

The call center outsourcing industry is a challenging and volatile one. BPO companies operating in such a context need a call center solution that fits their unique needs & demands.

Success Story

Regional Leader In The E-Commerce Industry

One Color White SVG Call Center Studio

Regional Leader In The
E-Commerce Industry

A leader in e-commerce industry was challenged to manage their traffic during Black Friday. Despite expanding their call center team, they were stuggling to handle all the customer inquiries due to sudden increase in shoping volume.