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Home | Press Releases | “Experienced Voices” took part in Zoho MeetUp
Home | Press Releases | “Experienced Voices” took part in Zoho MeetUp

“Experienced Voices” took part in Zoho MeetUp

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Call Center Studio was present at the Zoho Meetup.

The event started with the opening speech of Cloudyflex CEO and continued with the presentation on innovations and developments in the Zoho family. Following the presentations, participants joined the networking event where experienced users effectively utilized Zoho CRM in their relationships with customers.

Call Center Studio founder and CTO Idris Avcı took part as a speaker in the Zoho Meetup Event, organized by Cloudyflex, a significant partner of Zoho. In the event, speakers and users of Zoho CRM shared their experiences and stories. 

Do traditional call centers meet today’s needs? Is it sustainable, or is an innovative solution needed? Idris Avci emphasized that cloud technology brings a new breath to the call center sector about changing business needs and cloud call center solutions.

Avcı said they conducted an intensive integration operation with Whatsapp, used worldwide by over 1.5 billion people, underlining that it is a vital channel due to ease of use and the accessibility nature of the platform.

Saying that the burden on call centers can be mitigated with Whatsapp integration, Avcı said that Chatbots could be used actively instead of running a crowded customer representative team. Also, emphasizing that a large part of the Call Center Studio R&D team is working continually to bring and improve Whatsapp integration, Avci said that the response and feedback of clients utilizing Whatsapp integration are very positive.

Idris Avci continued his speech by explaining his experiences with Zoho CRM and said they are delighted with Zoho and using CRM effectively.

Idris Avci also said that the world is moving towards cloud technologies, and by 2025, three-quarters of all call centers would be operating on cloud infrastructures. Avcı explained that they had integrated the applications commonly used in mobile platforms such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger to the Call Center Studio platform. The two most invested topics this year are Whatsapp and Chatbot.