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Home | News | Call Center Studio At Google Cloud Day

Call Center Studio At Google Cloud Day

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Call Center Studio At Google Cloud Day

As part of the global Google Cloud Day, the Istanbul leg of the event was on the 3rd of October at Wyndham Grand Hotel Levent. Having an R&D Center in Istanbul, Call Center Studio was invited, and the CTO Idris Avci delivered a speech to the audience. 

There was a high interest in Google Cloud’s annual event in Istanbul. Google Cloud’s Country Manager, Onder Guler, made the first presentation of the event, which focused on the developments in the cloud world. Güler started his speech by thanking his business partners. Emphasizing that there is strong partner support and that this is crucial, Güler underlined that there are different opportunities for companies using Google Cloud, but only uncertainty and confusion for those who don’t.

He talked about the importance of AI-assisted work and said that complex codes were written for simple jobs in the past, but today simple codes are doing great things. He went on to point out that Serverless technology eliminates servers and the need for redundant infrastructure. Finally, Güler stated that Google Cloud has continued its investments rapidly and increased its 3-year investment plans by 1.5 times, introducing 130 new products. 

Then, Google Cloud invited customers to their sessions. Companies using Cloud infrastructure shared how they use the platform, its benefits for their companies, and their success stories.

The event also introduced participants to Anthos, the open hybrid platform of Google Cloud. Anthos, built on open source technologies such as Kubernetes, Istio, and Knative, pioneered by Google, makes it possible to switch between internal and public cloud environments without sacrificing comfort. 

The event continued with the presentation of Google Cloud engineers, product managers, and software development engineers. The information provided by Cloud employees about the new Google technologies was also supported by the demos they gave. The technologies such as pub/sub and Bigquery and their advantages were discussed in detail.

After the intense first session, the first guest of the second session was Google Cloud Engineer Pınar Uğurlu Kirazci. Kirazci spoke especially about serverless architecture, the advantages of Google Cloud services provided by this architecture, and the gains it provides to companies, supported by references and examples.

Following the speech of Kirazcı, İdris Avcı took the stage as the CTO of Call Center Studio. Avci started his speech by mentioning the work of Call Center Studio and talked about how he started his adventure and the path he and his partner Cenk Soyak followed.

Mr. Avcı, emphasizing that Call Center Studio has achieved rapid growth, talked about how the company provides services to its customers by using Google Cloud infrastructure, its work, and the essential amenities and benefits provided by Google Cloud. Talking that Call Center Studio is one of the leading companies born in Google Cloud, Avcı also emphasized that he is one of the first customers of Google.

Also, Avci stated that Google provided Call Center Studio Text to Speech, Speech Recognition, DialogFlow, and DataStudio, as Call Center Studio was a user of these special services. He mentioned that thanks to the serverless architecture, which saves time for infrastructure services and thus focuses on the product, quickly replacing the competitors that have been in the 20-years-old sector.

He concluded his presentation by saying that Call Center Studio’s ‘pay-as-you-go’ model provided benefits to its customers and how the Google Cloud structure facilitates the business in general. Following Avci’s presentation, Google engineers and representatives of companies using Google Cloud continued their speeches.

The event, which was held with the slogan ‘New problems require new solutions!’, where informative speeches and success stories were presented to the participants, ended with a network meeting participated by different employees from different fields.