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Home | Contact Center Metrics | What is Google Bard? Google Bard vs ChatGPT
Home | Contact Center Metrics | What is Google Bard? Google Bard vs ChatGPT

What is Google Bard? Google Bard vs ChatGPT

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What is Google Bard_ Google Bard vs ChatGPT

Are you curious about what Google Bard and ChatGPT are? 

These two technologies are gaining attention with potentially game-changing innovations in the way we interact with AI. AI-powered dialogue systems enable us to converse with computers in a more engaging manner than traditional natural language processing.

In this post, we will examine the differences between Google Bard and ChatGPT. 

Let’s answer some of your questions about these exciting brand-new developments.

What is Google Bard AI?

CEO of Google Sundar Pichai announced this new development on February 6, 2023. Google Bard, is a powerful project that combines machine learning and data processing to create highly personalized content. Bard can generate more relevant results for the user from its vast database of content. It is powered by Google’s advanced LaMDA.

Similarly to digital assistants like Alexa or Siri, Bard aims to provide answers to inquiries in a simple, conversational manner. Beyond that, it can also help you plan your next getaway.

What is Google LaMDA?

LaMDA -Language Model for Dialogue Applications- is an advanced machine-learning language model created to generate natural conversations. Its cutting-edge methods allow computers to recognize patterns embedded in data, meaning they can understand and respond like human beings.

How do I use Google Bard?
How do I use Google Bard?

Conversations are dynamic, ever-shifting journeys in which topics and ideas meld together. With LaMDA technology can now join us on our winding dialogue paths. With the ability to engage in fluid conversations about any topic, this innovative conversational agent unlocks more natural interactions with AI technology.

How do I use Google Bard?

Google Bard is not yet publicly available. To make sure that it meets both consumer and internal standards for safety and satisfaction, they opened it to a small group of “trusted testers” before launching it.

After they receive all the necessary reviews from these lucky testers, in the near future, Google Search will begin rolling out these new AI features. 

How does Google Bard work?

Google Bard is an AI software that can learn the relationships between words, phrases, and ideas by scanning content across the web. This technology enables users to type full sentences or questions into search engines in order to receive conversational responses back from sources.

These No One Right Answer (NORA) questions require an advanced AI, as they involve contextual understanding and even colloquialisms that are traditionally difficult for computers. Thus, Google is improving Bard so that it can provide more complex answers than those in Google Knowledge Graph Card. 

Aside from LaMDA, Bard will use all the “fresh” information available on the web in order to provide responses.

What is the difference between Google Bard and ChatGPT? 
What is the difference between Google Bard and ChatGPT?

What is the difference between Google Bard and ChatGPT? 

At first glance, ChatGPT and Google Bard seem similar. Nevertheless, there are some significant differences between them, including the language model they use, as well as their scope of knowledge.

  • The information on ChatGPT is limited to events through 2021. However, Bard takes things a step further by tapping into the latest information from the internet so you get up-to-date info tailored to what matters most. 
  • ChatGPT uses GPT 3.5, while Bard uses LaMDA. LaMDA was developed on an open-source network to understand natural language. 
  • Compared to other AI platforms like ChatGPT, Bard has an advantage due to Google’s vast data collection. It appears that Google Bard AI will provide more accurate data than ChatGPT. You shouldn’t forget, however, that Bard gave an inaccurate answer in the demo.
  • In addition to a free version, ChatGPT offers a $20 premium version. Google Bard is free for now, but that might change as it’s still in testing.
  • A feature not yet available for Google Bard is ChatGPT’s plagiarism detector (AI Text Classifier).

The world of AI is constantly evolving. Innovations such as Bard and ChatGPT are likely to undergo a lot more changes in the near future.

What is the difference between Google Bard and a Google Search Engine?

Google Bard is an automated AI-powered assistant that can understand natural language queries, ask follow-up questions if necessary, and provide relevant answers. On the other hand, a Google Search Engine scours websites across the web to find specific data points that may relate to your search – though not in a conversational manner.


While they both offer similar results, they work in different ways to give you useful information in different situations.

Why did Google decide to reveal Google Bard now?

We are experiencing an incredible year in the field of AI. With ChatGPT reaching a million users instantly, tech giants such as Google and Microsoft followed suit with their own products – Google’s Bard, and Microsoft’s next-gen Bing, which is ChatGPT-based.


There is increasing pressure on companies to stay competitive as a result of the sudden presence of competition. Google, to maintain its market share, is taking this action now.


New developments are taking place due to the relentless march of technology. Most people see them as a playground and welcome them as they simplify our lives. For their competitive edge, companies too try to anticipate what’s coming. An exciting future awaits us with AI – a world full of possibilities just around the corner.