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Home | Contact Center Best Practices | What is Call Whisper? The Benefits of Call Whispering
Home | Contact Center Best Practices | What is Call Whisper? The Benefits of Call Whispering

What is Call Whisper? The Benefits of Call Whispering

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What is Call Whisper?

If you’re managing a call center that involves a lot of phone calls, you’ll know how important it is to ensure that all calls are handled professionally and efficiently. One way to improve your call handling is through the call whisper feature. 

Call whispering is a powerful tool that can help your team to provide a better customer experience. 

Let’s explore the benefits of call whispering and why it’s an essential tool for call centers.

What is the call whisper?

The call whisper feature enables someone else to join an incoming call without the caller knowing. This feature is commonly used in call centers to provide guidance and information to agents who require assistance from a supervisor or a more experienced colleague. 

This allows the agent to continue the conversation without distractions while receiving real-time coaching or feedback. It is also used for training and supporting new agents, who can learn from their mistakes and quickly improve their skills.

To take advantage of the powerful features, it is critical to have the right call center software in place. By adding these features to your call center software, you can improve the quality of your customer service and provide your agents with the support they need to succeed.

Call Whisper
Call Whisper

Why do you need call whispering?

Here are some examples of why you should take advantage of call whispering:

1. Call center management

Call whispering is highly effective for call center management. This feature helps managers identify areas where agents struggle and provide immediate feedback. 

Additionally, call whispering helps managers to ensure that agents follow company policies and procedures during their calls, and take corrective action if needed.

2. Complex issues

When dealing with complex issues, agents may need additional support from a supervisor or manager. Call whispering allows supervisors to assist agents in real time, ensuring that the customer’s issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.

3. Customer satisfaction

Call whispering is a powerful tool for any contact center that wants to improve the quality of customer interactions and better support their agents. Call whispering helps agents to handle difficult situations more effectively and provide better customer service. 

As a result, customers are more likely to have positive experiences with the company, leading to increased satisfaction and brand loyalty.

4. Call center training

Call whispering is a valuable feature for call centers as it allows you to provide real-time guidance to your agents during calls. It is effective for developing call management skills. 

Agents in the training phase can quickly learn and correct their shortcomings thanks to real-time guidance.

The Benefits of Call Whispering
The Benefits of Call Whispering

The benefits of call whispering for customer support

Are you looking for a way to improve customer support? Look no further than call whispering. 

This feature has several benefits for customer support, including:

    • Improved agent training: As we mentioned, one of the most significant benefits of call whispering is that it can be used for training newly hired agents. You can provide real-time feedback and guidance to new agents while they are on calls.
    • Expert support: Thanks to call whispering, your agents can quickly improve their sales and develop their communication skills. This increases your chances of providing expert support to your customers.
    • Enhanced customer experience: With call whispering, you can step in to help resolve issues without the customer even knowing. This can lead to faster resolution times and a better overall experience for the customer.
  • Increased agent motivation: Call whispering helps agents to receive support during difficult situations. This gives them a sense of safety that positively reflects on their communication skills. This leads to better agent performance which in turn boosts their motivation.
  • Positive brand image: Call whispering helps agents handle calls professionally, improving the customers’ experience. This helps call centers build a positive brand image and gain loyal customers who spread positive recommendations.

Overall, call whispering is a valuable tool for any call center looking to improve agent performance and provide a better customer experience.

What is the difference between call whispering and call monitoring?

Call whispering and call monitoring are two features found in call center software that allow supervisors to listen in on calls.

Call whispering is a feature that allows a supervisor to listen to calls and provide the agent with real-time feedback without the customer hearing. This might involve providing advice to the agent, such as suggestions for how to handle the customer’s questions or concerns. 

Call whispering can be especially useful for new agents who are still learning the ropes.

Call monitoring is a feature that allows a supervisor to listen to calls without the agent’s knowledge. You can use this feature to evaluate agents’ performance and identify areas where additional training may be needed. 

While both call whispering and call monitoring involve listening in on calls, the key difference between the two is that call whispering is meant to be a coaching tool for agents. Call monitoring, on the other hand, is meant to be an evaluation and auditing tool for supervisors.

How does call whispering improve your agent’s performance?

You can improve agent performance in call centers by using call whispering. This technique involves a supervisor listening to calls and providing real-time feedback through a discreet whisper.

This feedback can include:

  • Suggestions for how to better handle the call, 
  • Reminders about company policy or procedures, 
  • Specific information about the customer or their history with the company. 

By providing this feedback during the call, agents can make adjustments in real time. This results in a more positive interaction for the customer and a more successful outcome for the agent. 

Call whispering is a powerful tool for improving agent performance, as it allows supervisors to provide personalized coaching and support to their team members.

To sum up

Call whispering is essential for businesses looking to improve customer service and agent training processes. 

It offers several benefits, including:


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