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Home | Contact Center Optimization | Hubspot Contact Center Integration for Highly Personalized CX with
Home | Contact Center Optimization | Hubspot Contact Center Integration for Highly Personalized CX with

Hubspot Contact Center Integration for Highly Personalized CX with

Call Center Studio

Call Center Studio

Remote ready, scalable and super flexible call center software

Hubspot integration with Call center studio

With Hubspot call center integration you can personalize your customer experiences, reduce agent guesses, and increase clear, informed customer interaction. 

Agents don’t need to navigate several apps or screens. They can seamlessly answer calls using a single screen, see the information of the registered person in the incoming call, and make an outgoing call with a single touch.

Hubspot call center integration

“The goal to consistently improve service delivery and ease the stress of contact center operators birthed the integration of Hubspot with Call Center Studio.”

Hubspot is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform that provides easy-to-use tools and integration software that help companies interact better with customers.

“Contact Centers using Hubspot CRM can now take advantage of Call Center Studio’s distinct features to deliver unrivaled customer experiences.”

“Combining the convenience of working from anywhere, unlimited scalability, no software installation, and no maintenance cost; delivering an enviable customer service just got easy-breezy,”  said Charlie Turhan, Channel Director at Call Center Studio.

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Agents can utilize Hubspot’s click-to-call to initiate outbound calls quickly. With Inbound Operations, when a call comes in, the integration triggers and brings the customer card associated with the phone number so the agent can have a context before picking up.

Keeping logs of calls has been made easier so administrators can report calls and listen to the audio recordings for informed decision-making and operations optimization.

Hubspot Contact Center Integration with Call Center Studio:

  1. Access the “Marketplace” page in Hubspot.
  2. Select the Call Center Studio application in HubSpot Marketplace.
  3. Click on the “Install app” button to start the integration 
  4. From the dropdown list, select your preferred Hubspot account for use
  5. Grant permission to the account by clicking “connect app..”
  6. Login to Call Center Studio in the field that says “tenant” with your address having the extension of “…”. Click on “Save.”
  7. After clicking the “Save” button, you will be gain access to your selected account.
  8. Change the default dialing interface by visiting the “Contact” page
  9. Select a contact and then click on “Call.”
  10. A call provider option pops up, which allows you to choose “Call Center Studio.” This process happens once and is automatically defined by default.
  11. The integration will provide customer cards for incoming and outgoing calls on a single screen.

What next

Hubspot integration helps your contact center agents improve productivity, service levels and deliver personalized customer experiences and satisfaction.

Considering the th0ught of eliminating agent guesses, shortening sales cycles, and giving your agents more time for turning every customer interaction into digital hugs? You can book a chat session with one of our experts.